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  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.

Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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What is this?

A little ravioli
I've had this account for a while when I watched an old horrorcow. I also have another account and I forgot the password. I decided to become active to lurk at artcow forums and give my two cents in since I also do art.

Call me Lucas if you have to call me anything, and I typically play Animal Crossing. If any other Kiwi is playing, I could give out my switch code!

Dick Faggotson

Is looking to expand his license.
Hey hey people. Drawfag here.
Been lurking on and off for very short periods over the last three or so years. 9ch was like the gates of Heaven banging open and I've had a lot of fun there already in the few hours it's been online.
Judging by the bug report thread in there, jersh seems like a swell guy so I thought why not swing by and make myself available for drawfag-related requests on the main website for mod and fellow farmer alike. Might get to reading the massive threads too one day.
Have a good one.


Bored and probably stoned
Yo. Just about every forum and imageboard I used to browse has gone to shit, so I've just been drifting lately. Followed the familiar smell of autism and ended up here. KF has been on my radar awhile, so I figured I would check you guys out. You might see me in some art/music threads.

Don't know if I'll be here forever, but this place seems pretty comfy so far.

Mr. Rieper

Names are for friends
I used to watch Trash TV back in the day but now I go to the internet version of it to get my drama fix.

Hello KiwiFarms! Discovered this site about 3 months ago and decided to make my stay official. Still finding my way around, no doubt I will like it here but also, no need for names, only friend's use those.

Mr. Hedgehog
Hey folks, been lurking around here every now and then for some time and decided to make an account. Always interested in places with more free speech. Also, I want to brag about having listened to the IBS Apocalypse stream more than twice (iirc).

Newfag here

I discovered this site thanks to down the rabbit hole.

I already did some cowfarming for a long time in another website tho

Weird Ages
Hi, I'm dumb and I lost my login info when my hard drive died a few months ago.
I didn't bother making a new account up until now but I found myself browsing Kiwifarms a lot more since the quarantine so I thought I might aswell make a new one in case feel like posting someting.
I usually posted in the internet famous section but I wasn't super active unless there was a major trashfire going on.

Ëxternal Këyboard
Long time lurker. I stumbled on here when binging the autistic misadventures of CWC. I ended up coming back here when searching for info on the Snakething and Kero the Wolf zoofags. Figured why the fuck not? Degeneracy is always fun to see.