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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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I am new here. I used a non normal name as the site suggested I came here from sam/tolki who mentioned you guys on a boogie thread. I notice a huge and very insightful thread. Apparently when it comes to documenting someone's bad deeds like emotionally abusing women, pedo grooming videos on tik tok ... and using childhood trauma to manipulate people to feel bad and give you money..

Well lets just say Kiwi farms remembers..

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Greetings from d3_c17_09! Long time lurker, eighth time poster here. My favorite lolcow passed away recently after a long battle with autism so what you guys are doing is awesome! I had to make an account on one of my favorite forums of all time. This forum has been awesome and I have been losing sleep because of you guys. I love seeing my faith in humanity being destroyed in these threads. Shoutouts to Dear Leader and the staff who made this possible. Keep up the good work and let's kick retards in the butt! Remember, archive posts, kill the elderly and the disabled. Everybody say FUCK TRANNIES!

Master Crouton

dude wheres my kratom
discord homie who aloggs all trannies sent me a link to a thread that I had to be a member to view so I made an account.
I've used kf for research on cows before but never realized there was a community here so I'm checking it out
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Hello, will just occasionally come on here when I cant sleep/the site is linked somewhere else and it peaks my interest again 😋 I enjoyed reading threads about Rob and Ahuviyaharel(?) on cow years ago.

Don Yagon

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Joined to clarfy some things on familiar topic, stayed for sperging about certain e-celeb.


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Hi, I'm new to the farms. Ignore my shitty username. I joined because I want to participate in the thread talking about YandereDev. I have lurked here before, but this is the first time I made an account.


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Been lurking for a while, decided to bite the bullet and join after r/itsafetish decided to crack down on all non-feminist posters. Still want to make fun of troons, but without the "men bad women good" sperging.

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Been stalking the farms for years after finding them via Encyclopedia Dramatica. Finally made an account due to the LA Riots 2: Electric Boogaloo. So, here we are.

Sup, gang?
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