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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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Who's awesome? You are!
Hello I am DeadFish.
My real name Is lego Waffle.
Ive been lurking on the happenings thread about the riots and chop. Chop was entertaining while it lasted. Too bad they took it down.

Dead SC
Hello, how are everyone I am a person who maybe dead.
I have been lurking for about 3 years now and I am on the discord. I lost my pfp so until I find it I don't have one.


the state is controlling my destiny and my penis
sup, I joined a few months ago but I've been lurking since before Chris was trans. Apart from CWC, you'll also find me around the Russ thread or the beauty parlour because I live for girlie trash drama. I'm a leftfag and would love to connect with other leftists and LGBTQ peeps on here, but since this isn't leftbook and is a bastion of free speech I'm not here to push an agenda or debate anyone's beliefs so like, if we don't agree on some things that's also super chill.


I'll be back, whimpering in the shadows...
Hi I'm a socialist, and I sympathize with TERFs although don't agree with them in every issue, because there are some good trannies. I hate the intersectionality woke bullshit, and censorship, and I also hate white people, because they are pathetic.
Yeah, we need to teach these Edomites a lesson, king....

n00b to the board here just seeing what's up. I work in cyber security and live in a city in America that's famous for shoes and making a lot of headlines recently for rioting. Which is far less impressive on the ground. Fucked girls/have friends who call themselves antifa, also lost a few friends and made some enemies among people who are so absurd with their SJW bullshit that we ended up coming to blows over it. Wouldn't call myself an ally or an enemy of any cause but I'm interested to see whatever I see here.

My name is Mambamia
My real name is not important.
Hope to make more friends than enemies here.

Noob question, but, what is the function of the trophy system here?
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im xlq
my real name is unimportant
ive known about the farms for some time but never joined (not really sure why i did join, probably never going to be active here anyway)
fuck pedos and fuck zoophiles
see yall around
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Meghan Sparkle

Republic is on the way, Britches.
Joined because of Alex, stayed for Amberlynn, Labelle, DestinytoMoon, and hope to discover more. Gotta milk 'em all.

also I'm an ex-Redditfag.

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