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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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I watch you type
I've lurked for a bit more than a year, and very regularly for half that time. Silent observer for the most part.

I only learned recently that krautchan is kill ;_;
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Brown Bricks
hi this isnt my first acc here i forgot the first one's pw. anyway ive been lurking here intermittently since 2016 and only started actively using this acc around q1 2020? for reading cow threads and rating posts (you may or may not have noticed by now)


I try so hard and got so far
Hi, i' ve lurked this site for years. Never had an account before though but i find myself coming back more often because everywhere else is fake and gay and i miss spergy forums.

Also, i see people with signatures under their avatars, where do i edit that in?


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I couldn't find a cuntasaurous.
I've lurked for many years, mainly to watch LowT, troon, and Alex Jones drama.

Also, i see people with signatures under their avatars, where do i edit that in?
The option for me to set that showed up after I enabled 2fA.

Big Mac Attack
Hey, new account here (first one). Been lurking for a few years now, happy to be a member finally. Not like there's anything better to do with lockdown. I'd rather be locked down with a bunch of autists anyway.

Flavius Anthemius

Praetorian prefect of the East
Hello, I have been lurking Kiwifarms for a number of months now (almost a year) catching up on the unfortunate internet denizens, also known as the "lolcow"


Now when I joined the website I was unsure of what my username should be, I was deeply contemplating my decision but as of recently, I have been learning about the History of the Roman Empire, and one particular individual that sprung to mind was the praetorian prefect of the east being Flavius Anthemius, who was responsible for organising the constructing the 4th century Theodosian land walls of Constantinople, which stood the test of time for centuries and prevented the great city from being taken on a multitude of occasions.

Gloria Romae!
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Das our boy Hemingway -coppertopp22
Lurker for a few months now. Figured might as well register.

Back to lurking again

Bad Take Crucifier

A-Log Demon Dogs, Blessed Boobies
I joined 2 months ago but can't believe I forgot to introduce myself. GOD I am such an IDIOT.

I've made a lot of posts, hacked over 500 lolcows, and committed over 20 mass shootings! Kiwifarms is great!

Nick Obre

The usual. Lurking for a long time. Sometimes wanted to say something but didn't have an account.


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