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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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So, yeah, like... sup kiwis? Check out how I just referred to other users as 'kiwis'; yeah, I know all that kinda lingo around here already guys. I really know this community already so please recognise just how in-touch I am with your forum via my entirely unverifiable years of intensive lurking. Continuing with my humblebrag intro post - did I mention I've lurked here since liek... the domain was first registered? Inexplicably I only just now am gracing you with a contribution though.

but seriously, disregard that terrible attempt at satire - sorry. I wanted to make my 'oh hai' intro post a little more interesting than usual but... yeah.

anyway! I really am genuinely happy to finally be a contributing member here after enjoying the site sporadically for a while. The big laughs I sometimes get from the community here reminds me a bit of my adolescent love for ED's heyday (07 sorta time I guess?). Just without that mid-00s insufferable net humor 'imatrol&iduncarewutidotopplLOL'.
No, this forum tends to be more nuanced and creatively funnier.
I still chuckle in my head whenever I recall null's response to the NZ Police - after ChCh shit - trying to bully him into handing over all this user info etc... I can guarantee you, as a New Zealander myself, that shithead NZ cop who read that biting response would genuinely have had his feelings hurt. and that is so damn funny because fuck them

tl;dr hey everyone, I hope I can occasionally contribute posts that aren't utter shit; and I love the forum already. oh and I also really love Wind in the Willows (hence my username + avatar). 'Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.'


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I've been on this site for over a month and I didn't notice this thread 🙃

Anyways, I was a lurker for a few months. I mostly looked at drama regarding a certain black deathfat and other members of the haydur nation and over time became a member.

Happy to contribute and shitpost from time to time! 🥛
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I've been lurking around this site for awhile after following a link to this glorious gold mine about a few months back. Then I made an account here about a month ago and I just barely found this thread through all my browsing. All I can say is this site has been far more entertaining than I ever thought it would be and I'll definitely enjoy my stay here.

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Was I supposed to comment here, when I first joined? Oh, no! I missed that memo! Now, you all won't like me or be friends... SHOOT, SHOOT, DANG!

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Huh. I was wondering where this thread was. So glad it's not mandatory.

Mage of Conquest. Call me Merlin. Or Mage is fine too, I guess. Came for the lols about some thread being mentioned on a cringy website, stayed for the lols because damn it's so good.

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Three years ago I foolishly defended Linkara here.
Now I know the truth as he kicked me to the curb. (Damn minnesota niceness, bites me in the ass every time...)
So I guess I switched sides on that. Otherwise working on art/comics and misc things.
Late welcome then


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Hi, another lurker. Been hovering around the site for a few years. I figure, may as well just make an account so I can watch and bookmark things. I might post, rarely.


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Hi, another lurker. Been hovering around the site for a few years. I figure, may as well just make an account so I can watch and bookmark things. I might post, rarely.
As long as you bow down to your Black Israelite masters all will be fine, sweetie ...

Cornelius Cornpopski
Story as old as time, lurke for a few then decide to make an account so you can be there when AnOminous nudes drop.
Also because I enjoy the Internet & Technology + Multimedia corner but mostly the nudes.

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