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Will you pledge loyalty to our glorious leader Joshua Moon?

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Billy Rocker

You idiot, you absolute moron, you bumbling fool
Newb question. What's the consensus on necrobumping threads here? When is it better to bump a really old thread and when is it better to make a new one?


Certified pseudo-intellectual
Happened upon this forum not too long ago, not here for the whole "lolcow" scene but this site is a step up from all the ongoing censorship that takes place nowadays. The traffic is just about right for me, and I'll probably stick to off topic and browse twice a week or so. Glad to be here and call me whatever you like. Thanks for having me.
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lurked here for a week or two might as well make an account for the fuck of it. will probably still just be a lurker.

if i ever turn out be an active poster and a massive lolcow i want this post to be spammed at me. k thx bye.
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Judgment Boy

Money or love, which will it be?
Lurked here for literal months, finally decided to just make an account incase my useless 'tism knowledge on random shit may give insight to something.
I'll try to be a moderately active poster, and vow to archive any shit I manage to find as an apology for any unintentional spergging.

Yuuichirou Kumada

Second chaddest simp in anime
Hi! Long-time lurker from Brazil here.
This place is one of the last bastions for true and honest free speech in the western 'nets, or at least that's how I view it, so I decided to take a shot at it. Pretty much everywhere else has become either tremendous echo-chambers or just shut down altogether, you see.
Be seeing you guys.
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pochacco the pup

Street Dog Extraordinaire
I'm pochacco. I've lurked here on and off for years but only just now bit the bullet and signed up. I'll probably just continue to mostly lurk here


It's 'graphics', not 'jraphics'
Hey there Kiwis, I'm back (not that anyone cares). I used to be @d12 but I lost my password after I was auto logged out during a security leak. I'm back now but I doubt I'll be posting as much as I used to.

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