IP2 IP2 Community / IP2 / ip2always.win - Wannabe Ecelebs. Community of toxic edgy rejects and their degenerate IRL streamer puppets - user boofs beer on ip2 streamer discord + self dox MVP


Okay cool, never seen it happen this frequently its down again now. he usually gets away with 8+hrs of media donos.
I've seen that happen once or two when I was streaming, seems like the bot gets focused on one stream and you'll see multiple hits like that. We had it happen 12 times in a two hour stream. Weird shit if you've never seen it before.


Aldy1k presses the neighborhood kids
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coming back from his favorite fast food establishment, he confronts some children that were in his way, near the end his mother comes out to calm him down and deescalate the situation.
Aldy is a manslaughter victim waiting to happen.
Nano needs her meds. Nano is a human being. Nano is suffering a bipolar episode self diagnosed.
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I wonder if these are the same kids that pressed him yesterday, they were throwing stuff at his friends car or something like this police were called.
Why is she so careless that she lets her meds run out for long periods? Why isn't her pharmacy calling her to say hey dumbshit your refills need to be picked up?
Tricialicous is drinking and dragging her kid around at 4am in the morning.She is angry at chat.
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She raging at spammers
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She explains why she hasn't given her thirsty child a drink, while she has beer.
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I think she is trying to track down Captain content and Nano. we could have some interesting content today if they meet up.

Captain content gets trolled by a screaming man dono
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At 4am your child should not be out downtown like some fucking street walker, they should be sleeping in bed. Bitching about her kid suddenly being thirsty? Does she really not know how kids are by this stage in her child's life? I'm not pro taking kids away from their parents but my god this woman needs some parenting counseling as she is obviously too immature to raise her own daughter properly.

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When did we start endorsing the streamers !? (regardless I approve)
Slowly but surely we'll lure all of the IP2 streamers here. Where we don't have faggot mods that ban people for the slightest of offense. Kino moments are archived here and easily searchable.

Speedy is live, apparently he's trying to beg donations for a trip.

Didn't he say he was spending his unemployment check on the trip instead, so he wasn't beholden to the donators?
Unemployment, doesn't he make several thousand a month through donations? More meth I guess.
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