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Is this something new? I mean do these retards die often or actively disprove natural selection?
They've had a few incidents that could have resulted in death recently. Here's a list.

Stop Speeding drank a bunch of Jaeger and puked in his mouth passed out on the RV trip and someone woke him up and made him sleep on his side.

Stop Speeding also got blackout drunk and passed out half way under the RV. Before they went to look for him someone suggested taking the RV because they thought he was walking down the streets and they definitely would have run him over if they did.

Chicken Andy ate a fistful of Xanax and drank half a bottle of Jager on steam and someone had to go to his house and baby sit him to make sure he didn't pass out and choke in his over vomit.

The whole RV crew went to a ghetto gas station to buy back Stop Speeding's phone for 100$ after it was stolen during a drug deal. At one point they had a contentious moment with the guy brokering the deal and he appeared to pull his shirt tight to reveal a gun in his waistband.

"Nate" is a heroin addicted streamer and constantly nods out on camera during live streams he always looks like he weighs about 80 lbs.

Aldy1k was assaulted by Dope District on steam while blackout drunk. He was sucker punched and dragged out of the RV and his head bounced off the pavement. After he had difficulty standing or remaining conscious and was taken away by EMTs on a stretcher. It was reported he had a brain injury and was given a 50/50 shot of living at the hospital. Dope was arrested on steam and has a court date soon.

Those are the ones I can remember in the last few months.

Shit or get off the pot time for the MIGApeeds now in DC. I am glad we got some IP2 peeps there to document it.
From the videos I've seen it's getting wild in DC. Proud Boys burning blue lives matter flags and getting btfo by the police. "We're on your side" seems but a distant memory. Hopefully this will turn into Charlottesville 2.0 for Baked if he even went.

Absolute Brainlet

Local demon pimp shitposting on New Zealand forum

IP2 mod u/pedosarecool got kicked from his position and went onto another mods stream to cry about it.
Slightly off-topic, but this actually has nothing to do with IP2.

The crying kid in the video is Arago, who was a mod in Bathrobe_Dwane's (the streamer) chat.

There's no evidence (that I know of) that ties either of these people to IP2.


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So, in Baked's Faggot Cabal Man-Harem, this dude would be was (lol my b) the big bugeyed toothless one who looked like a birth defect-addled chihuahua & spoke with such a cartoonish speech impediment that it almost sounded intentional at times, yes?

The dude who'd climb into back alley dumpsters & get all comfy while his demonchat shot him superberries to facefuck a 2 liter of Jagermeister, right?

The white man in his 40s? 50s? that still unironically sported backwards baseball caps? Collected tardbux but had plenty of energy & mobility to amble around my country on a shortbus filled with a bunch of other dudes all 15-25y his junior, one of which he insisted was his 'friend' as he & like 5 of the other giggling hivetard fuckheads surrounded 'friend' all just about beat the eyeballs out of his skull for 15m while they snuff-filmed it right? Later skirted the accessory charges? Same guy? I just want to make sure I'm on the level here.

Oof. Just oof, man. Society's gonna feel the impact loss of this one for a while...

Shame, too. I found him to be the least unpalatable out of all those human-LARPing skinwalkers. It should've been Baked Alaska. Bummer. Maybe next time.


Baked's destiny is to be boot partied to death by the Proud Boys in DC live on steam while his phone plays the Keemstar dono repeatedly in the background.
Nah, im thoroughly convinced he will make it out of there alive, its down to drugs or mace on the wrong person and getting thoroughly fucked up by relations to someone he maces

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See this? This is teh rawk.
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I think most of those was caused by some accident from his youth, he also couldn't hear without a hearing aid.

I do know that partial hearing loss accounted for his speech impediment, I just didn't feel compelled to clarify that I'm aware he didn't intentionally talk like the composite retard character in some discount Flash 2.0 web cartoon

And since I'm already here, I'll just underscore a thing I said earlier: Out of the modest handful of 'people' I've come around to be able to readily identify, I think I already loosely indicated that I did find this dude to be the least revolting, no contest. As I catch up on what everyone else has had to say so far, this seems to be the consensus.

But given the company he chose to keep for what wound up being the last few months of his life, that bar is set somewhere down in the deepest recesses of the bowels of a San Francisco public sewer.

In certain broadcasts, particularly from Satan's Retard Roadtrip, sometimes you could see that he was visibly, genuinely disturbed by some of the fucked shit going on all around him. So congrats; he was occasionally slightly less under-evolved than his peers. Refer above But (far as I know) he did fuckall to prevent these things when he clearly knew they were imminent or already happening, he never even sofballed empty words at anyone after the fact, & not only did this turbocuck lay hands on some faggot he knew was too addled to even have landed so much as a dirty look, he then stood there & watched while 4-6 of his girlfriends took occasion to go full Office Space on this dude's skull as he already laid there in an alcoholic poison coma.

And the cherry: he then somberly advises both the press & Gacychat that this guy is his 'friend'.

And I'll belabor my point one final time: This fucking bipedal disease was easily the most likeable pile of dogshit that I've seen floating around in that toilet of a community. So yeah. Fuck that guy & I'm totally gonna make fun of the way he talked. Deaf or not. 🤡 🌏


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People make light of this and joke around, but the opioid epidemic is very serious and has only consistently gotten worse for years. Society is sick, it's unhealthy, it's dependent on doctor received pills before spiraling into illegal substance abuse, buying drugs off the street and doing hard drugs like crack that could have some fentanyl inside which would be impossible for you or the dealer to know. All of this has only gotten worse during corona, as we've had the deadliest year for the opioid epidemic ever with over 80k deaths just using the numbers from June 2019-May 2020. In some areas there's been over a 40% jump in drug related deaths. This is one of the most serious problems facing the west and beyond just healthcare comes down to a cultural issue that must be addressed.
It's very sad that he had problems he felt he needed hard drugs to deal with and even more tragic he passed away as a result.
Nice concern trolling, but on the off-chance it isn't:

You call it sad, I call it natural selection. If someone shits up their life by doing meth or whatever else, you deserve what's coming to you and it's no one else's fault but your own and no one should be expected to help them, or have taxpayer's dollars be wasted on their junkyass selves.

Rest in piss Johnny whatever your name is. I feel worse for your family and friends if they cared about you than you.


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A junkie absent father in his 50s was the good one there? I've browsed a couple pages of this thread and everyone depicted here should do federal time for conspiracy to commit oxygen theft. Saddest bunch of losers here, being one upped in humanity and quality of life by schizos and bona fide nonfunctioning autists.
When I read the title "Community of toxic edgy rejects" I had an almost visceral recoil, and while I do still think the thread OP might need to have someone who cares about them bully the soy vocabulary out of them for their own good, it actually kinda fits. This is a hell of a thread and reminds me of how I felt watching the Oxyana documentary.

You call it sad, I call it natural selection.
You're only saying that because you aren't the one in danger of dying or killing yourself from this pernicious evil since you have nine lives
Cats are always such jerks
Stop Speeding told a hooker he had heroin on stream during the RV6 trip. He said he had "Boy and Girl" which is Meth and Heroin.

Chicken Andy also admits to using heroin.

"Boy" is dope (Heroin), and "Girl" is coke. Haven't you ever been to a trap house? "Hard" is crack, and "Soft" is powder cocaine. This is all nigger talk and it's pretty uniform across the country because blacks imitate each other. Meth is called a bunch of stuff that varies greatly between regions, but I only know older slang like "Ice", "Shard", "Tina", and "Crystal".

A meth/dope hit isn't called a "Speedball", that's coke/dope. I can't recall the term for meth/dope but it's something stupid, also it doesn't matter because those terms are way outdated and only bluelight fags use them - most modern junkies just smoke crack (shooting coke is still relatively uncommon, and street crack is stronger) and shoot dope without making up gay names for it.



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