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@Suzy Rottencrotch has left us now that pedo defenders gofurself2 and PyramidsAreCool have be demoded
Also she renamed herself @Suzy
and is back to posting on IP2:
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Also IP2 made a fake obituary for Baked Alaska:

The archive of it:
Strange, Suzy dipped after questions got asked about donations and access she has to the streamers donation accounts. What role does Suzy play that requires a need to view these accounts? There were rumours on IP2 of some kinda tax evision shenanigans going on with her and OnlyUseMeBlade. Probably just a coincidenece though.


Napoleon Ragland, 10 yrs fed pen., had 198K
Johnny Boston tribute video by Blues Doll (rotc donor?)\

he is an angel now:


Napoleon Ragland, 10 yrs fed pen., had 198K
Russia is one of the few countries that requires a visa approval before arrival as an American citizen. It's unlikely Baked would flee to Russia because he'd need the foresight.
Yeah the only time in memory I know that Americans/Canadians were able to enter Russia visa free was if they had a ticket to a World Cup match in 2018. It was a nice little benfit you had unlimited entry/exit for the 2 weeks before and after the world cup and tickets to some shit game in Kazan were selling for like 30 Euros.


Napoleon Ragland, 10 yrs fed pen., had 198K
Smooth Sanchez is being retarded again

he hitched hiked on the back of a truck, through Manhattan and onto the highway
IP2 callers find out and call the driver.
Driver gets pissed and stops the truck in the middle of the highway, gets out and presses sanchez to get off
sanchez then runs down the highway:

More @Suzy hate from IP2: https://ip2always.win/p/11S0gQ6Pdk/suzy-the-fucking-whale-its-on-th/c/
The go-to term for catching rides on the outsides of moving vehicles is "skitching", which originally applied to skateboarding (skate+hitching), from where it was pioneered. In our technologically advanced world, there are many ways to skitch, including but not limited to: Holding onto the back of 18 wheelers, Riding a bike while holding onto the vehicle with one arm, Lying prone on the roof of a car while shouting "I'm gay", and even just holding on while pretending you have a skateboard (your shoe soles may start to smoke depending on road conditions).

Unfortunately, when you skitch on a semi truck, you're highly likely to end up on an interstate going 70mph with no way off. This guy should be happy another motorist didn't call the cops, because that's usually what happens.

Nurse Ratchet

See this? This is teh rawk.
True & Honest Fan
Alice got a new tattoo to honor baked and celebrate being a born again christian:
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Lol. Sweet cattle branding.

What an insipid whore.

@Mepsi Pax so, like, what Marty does in Back to the Future?? Jesus fucking shit how are more of these hapless fucktards not sidewalk splatters?? The more I watch/read, the more incredulous I get each time I see one of them has managed to cross a street without taking an SUV to the teeth. (Tard Teflon™, I know, but ???)
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Attila has just been banned off of Dlive.

He peed on stream:

Also what IP2 is like post baked, everyone is desktop andy's:
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IP2 is trying to pressure the streamers to do IRL again.
Baked fucking ruined them

They called it, almost everyone on IP2.win as dumb as they are, saw this coming a million miles away. Yet all their mods are NEETs who suck groyper and Trump dick so they let Baked walk right in the door and burn down the house. Everyone who was the least bit interesting is banned or too scared to continue on.

Sanchez is their last hope but the DA and judge are going to absolutely nail him to the cross on his bridge charge once videos of his skitching, macing people, pulling fire alarms, and whatever the fuck else he's been up to while on bail get to trial.

Atilla is now banned for pissing with his pants around his ankles on steam like the weird kids in elementary school.

What a hot fucking mess :story:


Napoleon Ragland, 10 yrs fed pen., had 198K
Baked fucking ruined them
not only that but Baked got ALL of the IP2 streamers demonetized on Dlive as well as all the other x-tag streamers.

So all of the interesting IP2 streamers can no longer use Dlive.

I think sanchez isnt banned on youtube yet because he hasnt streamed with Baked Alaska, since baked got banned on youtube in September

Its kind of a double edged sword, the streamers get easy clout/money from Baked, like loulz, chicken andy, dope, and johnny boston
but risk losing the ability to stream

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