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Alice of IP2 along with other girls like Riley Williams groyper Fuentes girl are just open mirrors. It's no suprise these girls fall into abusive relationships, woke politics and other non-conformative identities when they have "daddy issues" and loose ties to any family or friends. If you want to regroom them simply replace their circle. Suddenly the quiet girl in school library is stripping for you on discord and storming the capital because Nick Fuentes is funny.


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I may have spoke too soon.
Gypsy Crusader is now doing IRL yelling nigger at black people on the street with his butt buddy and trying to beat people up 2 vs 1.
This fucking guy, acting all tough when its 2 vs 1, what a faggot.

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not even sure where all this stops are we going to see people drive-by shooting people and screaming CONTENT, where does it end for what people are willing to watch live-streamed I mean are they all just going to go dark web and start really pushing the bar, there has to be some sort of donation feel people have to have that situation happen like they are part of it, I think IP2 could actually be full of propper full-on psychopaths and I mean the chat the community the streamers are basically puppets.

Has anyone posted that Chicken Andy was arrested for homelessness? @Null

how the fuck is that chicken freakazoid actually getting onto that girl she cute as hell the guys a fucking pipe head, for donations.

It might be a repost but if no one has seen this you gotta understand this person is the main man in IP2
this is the type of people we are really talking about here, this is the basic content.


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Suddenly the quiet girl in school library is stripping for you on discord and storming the capital because Nick Fuentes is funny.
The thing is I'm not sure when she stopped being the quiet girl in the school library. I had followed her Based Captain FB page about a year before I was introduced to her so she had to have started her e-girl career at around 14 years old. She dressed as Chen from Touhou and was pretending to be a trap back then. When I first became acquainted with her, she told me of the existence of a video where she's riding her BF's dick while playing the accordion.

I didn't even know she was fucking Baked Alaska until a couple days ago when I came across this thread. I just assumed she kept a small following for the past 7 years.
@Tabula Rasa also she mentioned something about "being featured on cow or kiwi farms before?"


Does she? @Tabula Rasa
Baked said that she had herpes
As far as I know, I can confirm she was herpes free a year ago. It's possible she got it between then and now. She travels a shit ton so maybe she got it from someone when she needed a place to stay and was low on cash.

As for mentioning being featured on kiwi farms before, I don't recall anything about that. In the past I have told her that she should think about if her internet fame is worth having a kiwi farms thread one day.

Here's a funny video for everyone's enjoyment.


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So Alice is just some sad druggie bitch that will LARP as whatever for e-clout. What a life.
Pretty much, she's always been conservative for as long as I've known her. She changes the type of conservative to fit in. Her dad is full on Nazi from what my friend told me.

She hopped on the "Trump Train" during the 2016 election for the memes, but I guess she just got sucked in. I remember her even being in the "Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash" facebook group back then too.


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I gotta disagree with you there. Call me a simp, but I think she's relatively attractive. She could probably be a great tradwife if she got her life together, but the chances of that are very low.

Alot of Ice Posiedon's viewer ship is from IP2 :story:

25-30% of Ice's external traffic is from ip2.network, the streamer list on ip2always.win
:story: :story: :story:
The girl's gone feral. Keep outdoors. Do not date, do not marry, do not pass go.

Yea, you're probably right lmao.

I'm just so used to feral women and I've only known that Holland's depravity was much deeper than I had originally thought for a few days now. I suppose it still hasn't fully settled within my mind yet.

Those 3 called their group something like "The Nice Girls" even though they were at each other's throats every other week.
Something else I've noticed is that Holland, Goocheese, and that Hailey chick's friend group dynamic almost exactly resembles Holland's "Nice Girls" friend group from back then. I guess situations never really change, only the people. If that makes sense lol.

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