$ Iran Becomes First Country To Use Bitcoin As a Medium of Exchange


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May 27, 2019
So what's the counter then? Physical blockading of Iranian ports?

6 months from now:

It is now a federal crime for US Persons to exchange US dollars (USD or USDC) for Non-Anti-Money-Laundering-Compliant crypto currencies. NAMLC currency (such as bitcoin) may be surrendered for AMLC (USDC only) currency at fixed exchange rates as part of the nationwide "Crypto Buyback", at participating exchanges. Participation is not yet compulsory, however the fixed exchange rates will only last for a limited time.

Crypto currency assets held in identity-verified third party "digital wallet" services (Coinbase, PayPal Holdings, Inc.) may only be transferred to other such identity-verified digital wallet accounts as per these services' agreement with US Department of Justice. This enables person-to-person transfer which is in compliance with US law. However, all such transfers must also meet the legal criteria to be considered a "gifts" under US law, as it is now illegal for any US Persons to accept NAMLC crypto currency as payment for goods or services.