Disaster Irish teenager missing in Malaysia - Welcome to the jungle, careful now.

What happened?

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The Final Troondown

The police released photos of the window.
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Personally, I think she left of her own volition. It looks like there's a 3-4 foot drop outside, I think an abductor would have taken her out by door instead of forcing her to jump out that window. Autists in particular can have a compulsion to run away like a feral animal if they get the chance.
Probably ran off after a butterfly or some other sped bait and got lost

Slimy Time

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Kidnapping. I am certain of it. Malaysia is not a safe place. You have kidnappings, burglaries, handbag snatching, the like. Seremban has been host to several kidnappings as of this year. The fucking region is known for being a kidnapping risk area. I can also tell you with certainty that Malaysian police won't be in a rush to recover her.

As to why she might be kidnapped - likely be sex slavery trafficking, could also be they wanted to kill a foreigner because reasons (and have done so before). Malaysian criminal gangs have been known to kidnap even toddlers for either sex slave trafficking or to have them collect money by begging. They break the leg of the kid and put them on the street to collect money. It's just not a safe place to be, certainly not for a bunch of Londoners on holiday who have their heads in the clouds and are not switched on.

I have relatives who live in Malaysia, a good number of them have been robbed in the most horrifying ways over the past 10 years. One got rear-ended by a car, got out to exchange details, turns out they were criminals who did this so they could rob him at knifepoint. They even got him to withdraw cash from a nearby ATM because they were not happy with the amount of money he had on him. Another had something similar done to him, but they wanted his car with his kids inside. Luckily managed to get his kids out the back of the car before they drove off. Last one I remember was burglarised. They zip-tied him and his wife, cleaned out his safe/house - money, jewellery, computers, phones, even nice looking shoes. They were also going to take his passport, but he convinced them not to do it.

In all of these cases, police did absolute sweet F A, they never caught any of the criminals, they never got any of their money/goods back

Captain Ahab

She probably wandered off, as speds are wont to do, got lost, a helpful local offered to drive her back to mommy and daddy, she got chain raped by 20 dudes, and her corpse was dumped in the wilderness 50 miles away.
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10 years a salve

Maybe someone will phone up and tell them where the body is. This girl is not strong in any way. I read an article (I forget which, sorry) in which her Grandfather stated she was diagnosed with Patau syndrome.

Which can be horrifc, frankly. Regardless, Patau doesn't make you smart.

Clark Griswold

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Malaysia is a lawless third world shithole and the jungle is an unforgiving environment. Either they won't find her at all or they'll find some torn clothes and a couple of bones out in the jungle a few weeks from now. Between the humidity accelerating decomp, swarms of insects, and scavenging animals that's all the time it will take for the corpse to be picked clean.


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Completely unsurprising, and honestly completely unsympathetic. Don't take disabled people to places like Malaysia. I feel sorry for the girl, because obviously she didn't deserve this, but I feel nothing for the parents. They can cry all the tears they want, but that doesn't change the fact this is fundamentally their own faults.

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