Is 2010s PC culture here to stay, or will die off with time? -

Pop media taking advantage of woke shit will never go away, because outrage farming is near-free publicity.

We should compare 4chan to other mainstream websites to get a good idea of where the conversation is going. Like reddit for example and another thing is that 4chan was split into two web sites which are 4chan and 4 channel. Maybe there is another growing website out there but thing is that we had not hit the 2020 election season, which will pick up the heat in August.
The 4chan/4channel split is for sating the whims of advertisers and maybe some bonus load balancing. The split isn't along any political line, it's between SFW and NSFW boards and affects ad service and that's basically it. You can freely navigate between the two and each host will redirect you to the proper one for the board you are trying to access. The site-wide rules apply to both hosts and each individual board has its own amplifying rules; there are no meaningful splits between 4chan and 4channel other than the hostname and what kinds of ads you'll see (assuming you are a chump who doesn't have an adblocker or are a chump who actually paid for a pass)
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It's already going away.
It might seem like it's stronger than ever but, in the animal kingdom, an animal is the most fierce when it's the most scared, usually just before getting killed.
I think that's what is happening.
There's less and less people who support it (because more and more people get negatively affected by it) so the ones that still do support it feel the need to escalate things to keep the momentum going.
The effect of escalating things is that it pushes even more people away since most aren't extremists.

Last decade was the rise of PC culture.
This decade will be it's fall.
You're assuming that this was only a recent phenomenon, but it in reality this has been happening for over 60 years. the 2010s wasn't the rise of PC culture, it has been around since forever. When the bell curve was brought to London there were massive protests to get the book out of the public sphere. And similar events like we have seen in the past 10 years have been happening for quite a long time, you're just blind to them because you haven't probably lived long enough or were that in tune with politics.

I do agree that this might be a big point in the history of PC culture, but perhaps in the other direction. Right now they are exercising the power they have. The corporations, the media and politicians are all PC and they will destroy anyone who violates their narrative. There won't be a people's revolution against the establishment because there's no reason too. Most Americans are still living fat and happy, and the government can get away with some heinous shit if the population has all its needs met. Under normal conditions the citizens of China would be conducting revolution but they are experiencing the most fabulous economic boom in their history

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Depends on what "the right" wants to do.

If they want to continue to not address the single motherhood crisis that perpetuates emasculation and crime -> fleeing wealth/business, job loss -> poverty/food deserts/medicine deserts/(education deserts -> decreased social mobility) -> inequality -> crime -> (...), if they want to continue to not address the liberalization of sex that causes our youth to debase themselves and was/is a major contributor to the single motherhood issue, if they want to continue to not address the premature exposure of our children to hardcore pornography that the industry has incentive to not fight to keep away from children, if they want to continue to yield our educational institutions to rad-left wackjobs and do nothing about our news media being uncomfortably tied to foreign interests... then yes, in short.

You can talk about this internet thing or that internet thing, or the fact that Generation Z is totally gonna be ultra right and not some horrific Nazbol-furry chimera generation, but the fact that there's no principled and solid push against any of what I've described and more, and the fact that even many of the people that recognize that something's terribly wrong cannot think past "those SJWs are spoiling my fun!" to realize that "the foundations of our society have been destabilized over the course of decades leading up to this point and nobody's actually doing anything about it". Trump isn't the solution, he's a stay. His re-election would be another stay. You have to at least set the stage for change in that time, but that likely won't happen because the Republican party as a whole doesn't care, no matter how much we've been duped into believing that they do.

Of course, the way things are, nobody's going to do anything about it. Anti-SJW liberals just want to have fun again, and too many young conservatives (some of whom are just anti-SJW liberals) just want to trigger the libs and get their dopamine hits because any more thinking would have them realize that some of the modern mores we take for granted have had cataclysmic effects on our nation's social fiber and need to be corrected years ago. Or maybe they're identitarians who couldn't be assed to have a working plan to implement anything they could possibly want and really only exist to huff their own farts while they miss the big picture of the nation's decline (or maybe they're just doing the big ask, I don't care).

And suppose a push back does happen, and they get relegated to where the fundies are now (and unfortunately, they're more prescient than any of us would have liked).

You have nothing to stabilize the society with. You have nothing to unify the society with. It is in fact the mindset you inherited that paved the way for empty people to seek meaning and moral security in fleeting causes they don't truly care about, themselves. So, by yourselves, you'll just clean the house for the "PC police" to come back in even greater force.

I'm not saying any of this to be a doomer. I'm saying this because I disagree strongly with how deep this issue goes, and because I disagree strongly with what needs to be done to correct the issue (or rather, I disagree that the situation will work itself out).


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If people can see one is not always to blame for what others of their kind do, that people are different, that "sexualizing" isn't always "degrading", and that intangible "culture" itself isn't property, it could help end this endless "woke" insanity.
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A tactic that may keep wokethink going is how the "woke" try to frame their insanity as the normal way of thinking by discouraging any labels of it as "woke" or "SJW" or the like. It's a 1984-ish way to control thought via control of speech.