Is Amber going to upload the "big announcement" video? Why didn't she if not? - Have we survived 73 days of time distortion?

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But Some Informations Are Don't Actual.
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I think she knows that we all knew she was going to quit and she's just not going to upload anything to avoid the backlash and laughter. Or maybe she'll release it at some weird ass time to hope no one sees it right away? What's your opinion?
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The 8 of Spades

But Some Informations Are Don't Actual.
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She's just waiting us out. Trying to get everyone stirred up so all the attention is on her. All of the youtubers doing lives waiting for the vid isn't helping. I bet she waits until tomorrow to drop it.
That still kills this 100 day shit and makes her a failure at yet another thing. I'm fine either way.

She never said there was going to be an announcement.
Semantics, I'd consider something making people butthurt as an announcement.


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There was never any video, she's given up on her 100 days of uploading because she's out of backlog and she's too lazy to film new shit; she said people were going to be "butthurt" about today's video because there is none.

this is AL, the same clickbait exercise with me was walking in place 13 seconds and a new exciting purchase was an apple watch which was similar to her last 3 fitbits. a bet her big announcement was a new diet like optavia...she probably already failed so didn't bother to upload it now.


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Fatty is too cowardly to upload. There.
i can buy that for a dollar. depending on what this super controversial video was supposedly about, she may be quivering like a tremendous heaping of jello.

however, i’m of the mind that she’s manipulating the narrative to attract more viewers. i could easily see this being a midnight upload. she knows she garnered attention with the big reveal that was going to “upset people” and she knows that we want to see it. i mean, a lot of us are pretty much pavlov’s dog at this point, guiltily pulling up the farms at 12:00 ET for the next archived installment of her snooze chronicles or maybe becky sobbing into the camera about her pulmonary heart failure. she knows we want to see if she can keep going with this “challenge” which is neither challenging nor impressive and she thinks her fans and haters alike would scatter like panicked chickens if she fucked up such a simple task this far in.

i don’t think she understands why, though. she just knows she dangled a nugget of interest before her starving audience. but she probably isn’t making the connection that we want the 600+ pound admission, or her diabetes/heart failure/cancer/etc admission, or her “i’m giving up and doing bbw cams for feeders on the dark web” admission. and do i think it will be that scandalous?

no. no, i don’t. i’m going to place my bets now on a few potential reveals:
- she quit weight watchers
- she quit the 100 days of uploading
- she’s had another obesetobeast/weight loss doctor/nutritionist saga that lasted two days where she wasted somebody’s time and ignored their advice before slandering them on youtube
- she’s trying another old program that she has previously failed almost immediately. see: optavia, veganism, etc. this is a double whammy because that also means she quit weight watchers.
- it’s pure clickbait. the reveal could also include: moving out, lowering or raising her medication dosage, leaving her psychiatrist or therapist for a new one, “accidentally” letting another cat escape, etc. she has a history of thinking we obsess over every detail and she “can never do anything without upsetting people,” so odds are that her standards for what she thinks would upset her audience are low.

i’m fairly certain it’s not a weight gain admission. if it is, she’s completely lost her ever loving fucking mind, because she spent the last week or so taking pictures, filming videos, responding to messages, vlogging, etc “proof” that she is maintaining 560-570 lbs. would it be classic amber to throw a bitch fit over semantics like 30 lbs and calling people crazy liars, only to, in the same breath, admit to gaining those 30 lbs? yes. is it too good to be true? yes.


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I'm so tickled that her lack of an upload is the most fascinating thing to happen the past 70-something days.

When she finally does come back, you know either she'll be salty, the haydur reaction vids will be salty, or there will be salt from all sides and it'll be a fantastic day on the farms.
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MG 620

The big announcement is that she's replacing the 100 day videos rubbish with a 599 days video thing, one for each pound on her petite frame.


I’m Connor, the android sent by Cyberlife.
Didn’t she say verbatim, “the video that I upload on August 31”? The absence of a video doesn’t count for that.
that would be trolling far above her pay grade. “you won’t believe what happens on day 74 of my 100 day challenge!” and then she posts nothing. that borders into wit - something she’s never possessed.
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