Is Antifa Team Rocket? - just a gay theory

Tim Buckley

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Did Shigeru Miyasaki travelled in time and stole the idea of a bunch of hilariously weak self righteos thugs trying to "save" the world with violence from our time-line?

I think he did time travel to create the Pokemon games, this is a screenshot I took from an unaltered Pokemon Emerald game I was illegally playing on emulator.

This proves they know of 2020 please don't consume Nintendo.

They even have the faggy look and all, it can't be a coincidence.
Like Antifa that always change names and now is called riot gibs they always change their name to a new "team x" and they both always have a jew as their boss.

Also they want to remove facism and save the world by doing dumb shit like removing all the water in the planet, just like in real life they want to remove all cops which are blue like water, I have a case here.
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Tim Buckley

Loving Every Second
Is this a joke?
No, if you're not going to take things seriously I'm going to have to ask you to leave politely.
I said that simp was short for simpleton and people bullied me for it
Not everyone is out there to get you Josh, you should ask Nintendo if they also stole the repeal 230 shit for their satanic games.

Simp was created on #current year and it means something extremely specific and this was and will be always the case.


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Depends. Does Team Rocket have an unexplainable hatred for trash cans too?