Is anyone having issues accessing the site through Brave? -

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I tried to log in through Brave and it just keeps spinning it's wheels trying to access the site through Cloudflare. I logged in through a different browser and it worked completely normally. Is this a Brave-specific issue?

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I'm using brave no problems. I haven't logged in recently but everything else on the site is running flawlessly. Maybe try deleting your cookies and cache. That solves browser problems sometimes.
I've seen this happen on other browsers every now and then. Here's how I have solved it (these instructions assume you are using a Chromium-based browser):
  • Open the Developer Tools
  • Click the Application tab at the top
  • In the left menu bar, click Service Workers
  • Click any "Unregister" link on the right side of the screen that appears here.
  • Reload the page.


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Use Brave on my desktop, no issues.

Use Brave on my mobile (both Wi-Fi and on Data), no issues.

Every now and then Cloudflare acts up but refreshing usually helps.