LGBT Is Chris really qualified to be caring for Barb? -

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Is Chris really qualified to be caring for Barb?

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barb is a senior citizen with multiple health problems.
the chandlers have a history of neglecting health issues due to poor quality of life.
should chris be the sole caretaker for such a sickly woman? she had dropped hundreds of pounds in the past few years.this should be concerning. i guess the second part of this conversation is does chris even care about barb? or is he just waiting for her to die so he can have "lesbian sleepovers" as he has stated to cole in their recent one sided correspondence?


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lol you voted "yes"
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I've actually been wondering this myself. I'm guessing Barb is probably old enough that she can't do certain things on her own, but Chris is too stupid/incompetent to attend to her needs. It's really a lose-lose situation for them.


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Chris is absolutely not qualified to take care of a sickly, elderly person. Right now I'm guessing Barb can tell him what she needs and wants but if she starts suffering from dementia or even forgetfulness, like some people on here have suggested, she won't be able to tell him what he needs to do and that is a bad situation. Not to mention he's easily frustrated--you have to be very patient to work with elderly people. Power-leveling a tiny bit--I used to work in an assisted living facility and have dealt with elderly patients and those with dementia.
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