Is drawn child pornography (loli) bad? -

Is OP a pedophile?

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  • it should be regulated, not outright banned

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Domo Arigato
Drawings are not classified as people therefore cannot be abused.
Yeah, but that usually entails that you still want the real thing at some point.

Banning it is a whole other matter since well, it isn't technically real children being depicted (unless it's Shadman), but ethically it's still the same thing as real CP and should be treated as such by not only the internet at large, but law enforcement as well. I mean, if they got drawn CP on their hard drives, what's stopping them from downloading the real thing?

Nova Prime

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Yeah, but that usually entails that you still want the real thing at some point.

Banning it is a whole other matter since well, it isn't technically real children being depicted (unless it's Shadman), but ethically it's still the same thing as real CP and should be treated as such by not only the internet at large, but law enforcement as well. I mean, if they got drawn CP on their hard drives, what's stopping them from downloading the real thing?
The UK banned loli/shota art, and that had no discernible effect at all on the statistics over the years from what I've heard. Art isn't the only catalyst that drives degenerates to prey upon children.

There is truth in what you say about people that jerk off to loli/shota can desensitize themselves and gravitate toward wanting real CP like a true degenerate, but you'd still need harder evidence in the end like chat logs and such. Hearsay and observation only goes so far. I'm with you on people being into loli/shota as suspect, but there's only so much that can be done without hard evidence.


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Contemporary pedohaters are by and large Moderns who swallowed the cultural Marxist pill without question and have been doing so since birth. These are really just people who blindly accept what I see to be the axioms of modern anti-pedoism; pedohebesexuality is necessarily centered on violence (hence the oft-repeated and patently absurd anti-pedoist motto that 'only adults can consent'), pedohebesexuality/pedoheberomance is abnormal (the coinage of the word 'pedophile' is a reflection of this; by reduction to *philos* contra *eros* the phenomenon is trivialised, rendered fetishistic, demeaned, pathologised, *etc.* (similar to the historically Marxist pathologisation implicit in the inception of the word 'racist')), *etc.* The campaign against what is know called 'pedophilia' has its roots in the Marxist-feminist campaign against man-girl relationships (as natural tokens of dominant patriarchal heterosexual institutions, whose very existence challenged and will always challenge cultural-Marxist progressivism) which saw a benchmark in the raising (close to doubling, in some instances) of the Age of Consent in the West. It was not your stereotypical Christian social conservatives responsible, but the progressives, for they have nothing to gain and plenty to lose from the continued existence of the traditional and naturally stable marriages which organically result (and historically resulted) from pedoheberomantic relationships.

The same Jewish revolutionary spirit which brought us degenerative cultural subversion in the West, made anti-nativist open-border policy fashionable and gave social and legal rights to all manner of abnormal, unnatural LGBTQ+ individuals and unions suppressed the most obvious token of traditional heterosexual romance. To reject Modernity is to reject anti-pedoist hysteria and to call it what it is, as we do with globalist immigration efforts and atheistic cultural subversion.
Says the person with an avatar of a known child predator
Get fucked

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Yes. Yes it is.

Don't go all JY on us now.

"These findings challenge the frequent assertion that child-pornography offenders are “only” involved with “pictures,” such that they pose no significant risk of direct commission of a sexual offense against a child. The findings indicate the importance of online criminal investigations that target so-called “Internet sex offenders,” since such investigations are likely to result in the apprehension of child molesters. Although these men may attribute their search for child pornography to “curiosity” or a similar unthreatening motivation, the findings of the current study suggest the likelihood that they have also engaged in the sexual abuse of children."

You're whipping out the fallacies today buddy.
I never said that everyone follows their sexual fantasies to a T, you claim I do (strawman).
What I did say is that your sex life is influenced by your sexual fantasies, are you claiming they're always 100% seperate in every case?

Alright, here's my proof.
I say: Loli might influence people to become predators.
You say: That can't be true, videogames don't influence people to become murderers, that proves it!
The number of mass shootings/violent acts influenced by video games does not nearly equal the amount of pervs and pedos who have acted on their desires which started from 'innocent' loli. Video games don't normalise violence in the same way porn does normalise kinky, rough violent sex. People who are into CP will be subconsciously drawn to (no pun intended) loli and be making justifications for it just like you are, and then go from there. Just look at furries.
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I am the snake in my boot
I once heard pedophilia described to me like this: when your 12 you like other 12 year olds. Then your 13 but you still like 12 year olds. Another year goes by and your 14, but you still like 12 year olds, and so on. Maybe your one of those pedophiles that only jerks it to pictures of Lolis, maybe you would never dream of actually fucking a kid. You're still a pedophile. I think that's disgusting, but you could look at it from the perspective that a lot of people have wierd fetishes. Most people have the common sense not to talk about them, because no one wants to know that your into eating your own shit or looking at underage anime porn. I think jumping off of something high up is your best option if you have enough doubt about what you whack it to to post about it publicly.
Tl,dr keep it to yourself you fucking freak


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It is degenerate, shameful, embarrassing, etc but it should not be criminalized because it hurts nobody. If it's one of those 'gateway' drugs to something worse, then we have to start parroting the same about vidya games causing violence, marijuana causing opioid epidemics, etc. We know empirically from one study to the next that vidya games don't cause violence and marijuana does not lead to hard drug addiction. So perhaps jerking off to cartoons doesn't lead to becoming a catholic priest.

i.e Those who are into lewd anime lolis are playing out a very different fantasy to those who seek out actual kids to fuck.

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Porn itself should already be banned and the production thereof prosecuted by anti-obscenity laws. Children, adults, animals—the content of pornography does not matter. Pornography itself is a grave sin and a cancer to society.

Paying lip service to the immorality of child pornography is just a pathetic way for people that masturbate to virtue signal. The topic of child porn is just a scapegoat for self-loathing perverts to attempt to excuse their own sins. Do not fall into this stupid trap. Understand the base premise of pornography.
Moral concerns aside, I unironically think that porn is bad for people. Browse /r9k/ for a bit and you'll see what I'm talking about.
May I advance a theory of mine that's relevant to this?

I believe that sublimation is ultimately a bad thing.

The usual defense for stuff like loli and violent vidya is that it's sublimation, allowing for the individual to satisfy their need for something without doing the real thing.

The problem is that it's generally known that the more you indulge something, the more your appetite grows for it. In the case of sublimation, the more you sublimate your desire, the more you want to. In a small enough amount it may not matter, just like how most people's appetites have an equilibrium. However, many people have a tendency to go beyond that (get addicted), and some things especially lend themselves to that.

In that case, the more you sublimate, the more you need to sublimate, and eventually it gets to the point where the sublimation no longer satisfies and you need the real thing. The classic, if admittedly contestable, example is Ted Bundy, who claimed that his addiction to violent porn gradually spiraled out of control until he started committing actual murder-rape.

The best way to reduce a bad behavior caused a bad thought is, sheeeeit, DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. Repression isn't good but indulgence isn't either.

TLDR: Wacking your gack to little girl cartoons will make you want to whack it even more, and eventually it won't be enough and you'll want to rape the real thing.


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Any kid with internet access could come across drawn CP and become negatively influenced and desensitizes adults too who might end up acting on their awful fantasies in real life. Letting people get away with posting that shit in public instead of harshly discouraging it and making them get professional help is immoral and enabling sickness.