Is "equality" THE most overrated word in human history? -

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Equality actually meant something when it came into vogue during the enlightenment. Even then the word is stained with a lot of innocent blood, and I'd say now it's outlived it's usefulness in terms of the western vernacular.

The remaining places in the world that truly have issues with equality are the ones where you'd be considered a racist for telling them how to structure their societies, you know access to education, women's rights, fair law and order, child labor, the stuff westerner millennial lefties aren't really interested in, because it would take actual work and bravery to tackle. Easier to protest these things at home to soft targets.

King Ghidorah

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Sometimes I look at the average intelligence of the general population and the brilliance of some of the greatest minds in history and wonder if maybe absolute monarchy has a point and some people through history just plain have more right to be in power than others it doesn't hurt that monarchy has pretty great aesthetic call me monarcho-sympathetic I guess

Samson Pumpkin Jr.
People naturally want equality because equality is a good thing. I know this because poverty doesn't cause crime, inequality does. I don't have the sources on hand, but if you look at, for example Newfoundland, one of the poorest places in all of Canada, and compare that to the cities of Brazil where some people live opulent lives right next to slums it's clear which place has more crime. If everyone is equal in a poor community then there's little crime, while in highly economically diverse areas there's tons of crime.
But I believe equality can be observed as a good thing on a more basic level, everyone wants everyone else to mind their own business and when people are eager to have people intervene in their affairs they are either weak or mentally ill. And in the case of mental illness many of these people are what we consider lolcows or some other type of attention whore. If everyone was equal then there would be no need to intervene in other people's personal affairs because everyone could handle it themselves. In this way we could live in a more just society and the outcomes of bad situations would improve because the strong couldn't exploit the weak.

To reiterate my point, equality means everything is the same, if everything's the same then that's the same as stagnation which is a form of death, actual social progress will grind to a talk.

That is only if we consider in this hypothetical situation that everyone is completely and totally equal. You can have an equal society while still having variations in individuals, in these equal societies there are still people who earn more than others and are exceptional in their given field. But I do agree that too much equality is a bad thing because it removes incentives for work unless the person doing the work finds it enjoyable in itself. But even in the "Total Equality" scenario you will still have improvements because there will still be people who enjoy being a scientist or a computer programmer because that's what makes them happy.