Is Futa Gay? -

Regardless of whether it's gay, futa fetishizes a gross deviation from normal biology. It is a sin against God, and that's the actual reason you shouldn't engage in it.
Also yes it's very gay


ESL teenager spouting gibberish and angry words.
Chicks with Dicks.
Dudes with Boobs.

Either way you slice it, the cock just happens to be there. So, is Futa gay?
The fact you even need to ask tells me you're looking for others to reinforce your bullshit rationalizations.
Futa is gay and you're gay for liking it.


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Futa strikes me as even more gay than trap porn because you’re into total denial about liking dicks. It’s like thinking eating a little bit of shit is okay because you mixed it with chocolate fudge.
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Lone MacReady

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I remember when it just used to be a big clit that the evil witch would use to fuck some cinderella allegory. We are talking like 90s here... then, people started adding shit to the equation.

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unless it's not cock but rather a massive clitoris.
Their clits grow into cocks with balls and the pussy is under the balls. But it's irreversible, once they become futas they are futas for life.

They also get really fucking horny over anything and apparently produce so much cum that they have to empty out their balls by jerking off otherwise their balls swell up and become uncomfortable. It's like their dicks give them super-powers or something because futas are on a whole other level to women and even men.


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It's the incredibly gay fake-gay option where you actively pursue the dick because you jerk off too much. It is probably the most gay you could get because you want to self-insert as feminine.