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No idea. I'm too busy being horrified about his interactions with children and the fact he thinks necrophilia is okay.

The guy does favorite quite a few pictures of naked or half-naked men though. He could just be omnisexual or whatever. Willing to bang pretty much anything.

What is going on with that guy's face. *yawn*

I'm not outright going to say that Goldie is gay or not, but I think he has some urges and same-sex fantasies that freak him out. I can't find it now but he has a journal or hero team description where he images a scenario where he is turned on by a guys feet but yells at the guy for being a queer and unlike the female version of the scenario, it doesn't lead to sex. I think there is also a page of hero team where Hero 1 berates an underling for being a queer and looking at Hero 1s 4inch wonder. Like with women, Jay would probably only be able to contextualize these feelings in his sadistic power fantasy. Its telling that in both situations Jay and his stand in are humiliating the other guy for their gay thoughts. If its accepted Jay gets off on hurting women in his fantasies because he is powerless in real life, well draw your own conclusions.

More broadly—with regards to Jay and Sex—he has a near psychotic detachment from his own urges and I think he's really less interested in having sex, even just a one night stand, with someone else than he is on getting off. Ranging all the way from his 60 second jerk off break (I mean, even Chris wanted to have phone sex) in the fap logs to not seeing the problem with having sex with corpses.


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I don't believe Jay is gay, although he may have some tendencies in that direction. What he gets off on the most is pain and suffering of other people. He likes to dominate others and be seen as "intimidating", and sees himself that way (booming voice :roll:). Women tend to be physically weaker and thus easier for him to dominate. The same can be said for children. When it comes to his sexual attraction for kids, however, it's almost exclusively girls. Girls feet, Powerpuff girls, dirty feet, tickling girls... there's also the abuse and torture of animals which is primarily a power thing. Destroying cute and innocent things and inflicting harm gets his lil' lance up and going.

Being gay does not fit in with the image he tries to sell of himself; masculine, strong, knightly. I have yet to see any convincing evidence that GK is anything other then a straight dude with some degree of admiration for certain dude's bodies. This may be because on some level, he realizes that at the end of the day he's still a skinny little countryboy with a mullet. He's not a manly man, but skinny boys can dream. In true sociopath fashion, he does not seek women for love, but uses them to feed his fragile ego instead. What he wants is someone to manipulate, dominate and say the things he wants to hear.

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I don't think it's full on ghey but an overly simplistic admiration for something that he himself doesn't have. He attributes manliness with muscles. And this.... thing has muscles of sorts or at least larger muscles that Jay will ever get as the skinny ectomorph that he is.

Look at his self-representation in his comics. He always draws himself with a six-pack, as horrible as it looks. He wants muscle. He just can't get it without a lot of hard work which we all know is not in him.

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He picked that emoji because it was the closest thing DA had to the shocker


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I found the original image. It's actually a very talented sculptor.....who is selling their stuff on eBay.
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I'm fairly certain that the Derp Faerie is actually a doll. One of those fancy, custom-molded dolls, maybe, but a doll nevertheless. (Insert joke about Jay and RealDolls here.)
That's what I'm thinking too. If the thing is an actual person, then jeeeze that face.

Edit; Nvm, it IS a doll.

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