Is Hermione Granger the leftist/SJW ideal of womanhood? - Sthooop it Ron. Sthoooop.

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I was originally going to post this as part of an answer in the virtue ethics thread, but then I considered it might warrant further analysis in itself.

Tumblr, Vox and other leftypits have long held a special place in their hearts for DracoxHarryboyluv Uwu- I mean, the Harry Potter franchise and frequently refer to it both socially and sometimes even as an allegory or philosophical system of good vs evil. We already know Hermione is a stand-in Mary Sue for Rowling herself and everything she saw herself as and what she aspired to be, but let's take another look at what Hermione is and eventually becomes.

-She's always right and becomes acknowledged as one of if not the single most intelligent witch ever. This is in spite of the fact that many of Hermione's plans turn out very badly for everyone involved, and yet it never seems to lastingly impact her or her reputation in any meaningful way.
-She ultimately becomes Minister of Magic; the single most powerful position Hermione could aspire to without invading elsewhere like Voldemort.
-She's given special treatment and deferred to by the authorities even as a child before becoming Minister; who in their right mind would give a time turner to a young girl when even the most well connected and powerful magical people of the day can't get their hands on one?
-Anyone who displeases Hermione ultimately suffers some form of social ostracism or humiliation at her hands; be it Draco getting beaten up by a little girl or even her nearest and dearest like Ron; who spends most of the Yule Ball alone while she's the armcandy of the wizard equivalent of an international footballer.
-Ron evolves (degenerates?) by the end of the final book and in the Cursed Child play into the stereotype of a nu-male who shuffles behind Hermione both entirely in her shadow and submissive to her.
-While she doesn't start with the benchmark Mary Sue tragic past of her home being destroyed by orcs or the like; she eventually deletes herself from her parents lives in a tragic sacrifice that alone might make her admirable; but in light of her having every single other positive trait focused on in the story (particularly the virtues/themes of the four main houses linked to other characters; Intelligence, Bravery, Loyalty and Ambition) it just comes across as "muh tragic past".

To me, she seems to read as the leftist radfem ideal of the perfect woman. She has triumphed over men, wielding both political and magical power far above everyone else, even Harry. She acts in total certainty that she is correct and is constantly showered with praise for how right she is, regardless of how her plans and actions actually turn out in the end and anyone who might disagree or divert from her plan is ultimately cast out. Perhaps most obvious from the very beginning of the story before we even get to know Hermione's personality, she's the nerdy girl who doesn't have many girl friends (ye average SJW girl), is a super-genius before even starting school wielding magical powers far beyond older students and somehow makes every man within ten meters fall head over heels for her

Have I spent so long in La Zorra and Tumblr that I have lost my mind and have been infected? What sparked and maintains the love affair between Harry Potter and Tumblr?
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To be fair, she wasn't right all of the time. She did make emotional mistakes (her relationship with Victor Krum standing as one of the most important).

As for your final question, I will never have any idea on how radfems got attached to Harry Potter. I guess it could be because of Rowling's turn to the dark side.

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it does indeed seem like a lot of them see themselves as some sort of hybrid between hermione granger and lisa simpson

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She's the Lisa Simpson, we're told she is smart and right but she usually makes things worse.
Not quite a Mary Sue, but some people make them into one.
This! Hermione is basically the voice of reason in the Harry Potter series. A character who studies every possible subject and therefore is able to come up with right solution to whatever problem the trio are facing at the moment.

Likely also has a lot to do with Emma Watson being one of the most vapid, clueless feminists ever to stand in front of a crowd of people to completely piss on the issues why people oppose that shit as some sort of leading ideology and J.K. Rowling being even worse.

People who can't even be bothered to criticize the writing are so much more likely to buy into the idea of a perfect human being. Seems kinda obvious now since somehow some fuckers supposedly read Mein Kampf and still supported that wacky Austrian dude.
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