Is homestuck real? - The similarity's are adding up.

If you haven't read Homestuck now would be the time to do so.

I want to bring to attention that we are heading for act 3 of the great tale of Homestuck in our world currently. The clowns have started to take over the government. The world is on the brink of collapse the video game industry is rising with the invention of augmented reality and virtual reality. As state in the book this is the part of the story where "juggalo's" start to take over the government and give it over to the hands of corporations. We are at a stage where now is the time we must prepare our children for the start of sburb or a variation of it.

Some facts to consider: It was stated that the universe was created by a frog. Coincidentally the same amount of atoms in a frog coincides with the exact number of stars in our observable universe. The mythical number 4/13 also ties into the exact date a super asteroid called Apophis will pass by the earth this date is very important to homestuck signalling the start of the game.
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Some facts to consider: It was stated that the universe was created by a frog. Coincidentally the same amount of atoms in a frog coincides with the exact number of stars in our observable universe.

No really. What kind of frog? I imagine that even within the same species, the “amount of atoms” will vary greatly between individuals.

Inb4 spergatory.

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Hey, ever thought that the guy writing it may have taken some funny coincidences into account when writing a story as he went off a pre-planned plot skeleton? hivebent isn't even a game, it's a subsection of the Homestuck story. The frog universe thing had nothing to do with the frog creating it and more the frog actually being the fucking universe. I'm not sure how someone glances over the big fucking frog breeding operation required in the plot but congratulations, whether intentional or not, you managed to do it. Congratulations on your thoughtgrease leaking enough for you to come to all these conclusions. Clown war is coming, there's no doubt about that. It's got nothing to do with, and will probably never have anything to do with any sort of fake bullshit SIMS type game that calls upon meteors to ravage the houses of people that bought the game as a sort of first actual real stakes time travel type test. The fact that you've seemingly made an account soley to ask this question rings off several fucking alarms of the fact that you probably knew all this already and are just bullshitting, and yet here I am writing an unintentionally bigass explanation for fun in return.
So yeah, it's totally real. Go knock yourself out with that training child soldiers to play a fucking video game thing or whatever instead of just playing the supposed world ending game yourself. I'm sure that'll turn out completely fine, and will probably if not definitely only bring solid boons to your greater plans of riding apophis directly into Bilious Slick's supposed universe production factory.

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