Is Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons an Antifa supporter? - Also a general Forgotten weapons and InRangeTV thread.

He can't sort out the framing sound and color correction for his history videos, but he's doing shit like this for he Q and A's!
Probably just wants it to look like the movie A Scanner Darkly, based on perpetual cuc... I mean infosec professional favorite Phillip K. Dick's work.

It absolutely is. InRange was supposed to be a Patreon-exclusive "show" with no public videos save for occasional shilling on Forgotten Weapons - It's been years since, but Karl was spurred on with the initial distrust and dislike for paywalls from his entire potential audience. He only broke down and made a YouTube channel because, hey, nobody likes paying for something they can't see beforehand, what a shock.
Three years ago he attempted to bring a cop-run podcast(main site / archive) into his cult of personality, failing miserably in attracting any interest to their tiny viewerbase with the usage of a crippled and freshly schizophrenic CarnikCon dragged out of retirement, as seen here.

Unfortunately all of his angry rants posted to InRangeTV were deleted as was his workout routine, which, judging by this injury-causing competition drill, should not surprise you when it showed a previously fat Karl flipping a fuckhuge tire about ten times.
The P&S friendship is a lot deeper than that - the much, much more recent 7.62 service rifle shootout on Inrange was a co-production. Matt Landfair sometimes posts on the Inrange Discord - I haven't looked in forever, but I'd love to know how Karl and Matt get on now.

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I've never even been to Vienna.
Any recommendation for other video creators that do blackpowder, cap-and-ball stuff like Karl does? There's a lot of people who do blackpowder vids, but unlike Karl, many of them are focusing on the modern competitive shooting aspects or the strictly historical reenactment side. The thing I liked about Karl is that he looks at the practical aspect of how people might have been using blackpowder arms under real life conditions, which may not be evident when exclusively drawing from historical military manuals of arms or regulations like the reenactors or when running under modern competitive shooting conditions using modern expedients and materials.
Britishmuzzleloaders is probably the best YouTuber for Napoleonic to Victorian blackpowder shooting. He doesn't always have the best sound quality, and he has a very dad sense of humor, but he's extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter he films about and is really passionate about antique British arms.

Since that video was made before the Covid outbreak, before Karl went off the rails, I wouldn't put much stock in it meaning they're still working together. In fact, I noticed that inRange's featured channels list is empty. Maybe it always was but I could have sworn it used to have Forgotten Weapons featured there. Although InRange is still featured in Forgotten Weapons' channels list, so who knows. I guess we'll see.

In unrelated news, apparently Karl is applying to be a guinea pig for a Coronavirus vaccine.

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But only after another dig at the gun community. (Seriously, the InRange Facebook page is loaded to the brim with Karl being a cunt.)

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In Karl's defense that looks like the Casa Grande Public Shooting Range. That place is notorious in Arizona for having spergs show up and flag everyone they can along the range and is ND city. Everyone with any common sense just goes out to shoot in the desert, like at Four Peaks.
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The mask sperging at the end was pretty annoying but I think what bothered me the most is him not curating the questions for the Q & A, if you're gonna go through the trouble to do that stupid filter then go through and get rid of all the dumb questions.

I also think it's funny that Karl dismisses GFL completely while Ian has admitted to playing and enjoying it. Really shows whose the superior guntuber.
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I wouldn't start from here.
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I'm sure having that monotone obese guy drone on for 20 minutes about optics brings in shit tons of viewers.
He was on an InRange Q and A with Karl a while back. One of the questions was something about home defence, and he said something to the effect of that a good way to protect your home was not to be an asshole to your neighbours, so that if anything ever went down, they'd be inclined to check up on you.

I thought that was a genuinely interesting take.