Is it all a communist masterplan? - The conspiracy theorists were right all along!

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Aug 2, 2021
I've read a recent news piece about Reddit, how the moderators all collude to ban dissenting opinions because they receive large sums of money from chinese investors.

A part of me believes that this extends to other sites, like Facebook and Google, and the reason for their ban savy behavior is because of communist agitators. Fake accounts, fake popularity and fake outrage are just circus for the people to believe there's a grand narrative; nobody is for real and they all play along cause they're stupid.

I am even inclined to believe that the communist spies and communist subversion is the reason political correctness, black lives matter and even the whole corona controversy exists. They're not natural and nobody honestly cares, but it's paid agitators and fake accounts that try to make the illusion that people care and convince idiots to play along.


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Jul 16, 2017
Masterplan? I don't think that's the right word. I would say more along the lines of communist opportunism and trends.


May 25, 2021
Communism doesn't exist, China is the most capitalistic country in the world, they just use it as an excuse to hoard as much power as possible from their doomed population, as every "socialist" state does, did and will ever do.

The issue with reddit is extremely simplier, they are just ran by money hungry far left retards.
No smoke or mirrors.


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Jan 20, 2020
"Communism" (Sociocultural Marxism) is playing the world like a chessboard, but itself is being pulled by puppet strings of the real overlords: high CEOs, banking/media executives, basically the people with literally all the money in the world. Marxism and the disestablishment of culture with it is just the most useful tool they have to make useful idiots, and it's all just a hierarchy of increasingly powerful useful idiots all the way to the top.
Communism doesn't exist, China is the most capitalistic country in the world, they just use it as an excuse to hoard as much power as possible from their doomed population, as every "socialist" state does, did and will ever do.

The issue with reddit is extremely simplier, they are just ran by money hungry far left retards.
No smoke or mirrors.
Bingo. Marx knew it and said it, every "communist" leader ever's known it and said it. Communism doesn't work and it isn't meant to work. All it is is a method to power. That people think communism was ever meant to be an actual economic system, even its critics, is part of the ruse.

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Apr 28, 2021
I honestly do think Communist China is playing a major role and has huge stakes in the decline in western society but are ultimately not the ones calling the shots. There elite ruling class are just co-conspirators the co-signed our destruction with our elite ruling class. I think the Han Chinese people of China will eventually face the same fate planed for us for them.

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Feb 4, 2019

Aug 5, 2021
This sort of analysis is tricky because you're typically making two guesses rather than one.

First we have to determine whether the actions of these "Chinese Investors" are legitimate, human, actually happening, and motivated for the sake of spreading communism. Basically: is this advocacy?

Second, we have to determine whether or not they are on the offensive, simply using their money to attack their enemies. Do these Chinese investors care more about disrupting the American worldview than they care about advancing a specific agenda? In most cases creating chaos and confusion will be the most cost efficient form of influence, but maybe these investors are rich enough and coordinated enough to want something more.

On another note, you have priors, we all do. Other people will be quick to remind you that China is not quite as communist as you think, or more capitalist than the US. They aren't exactly wrong, but it is still worth mentioning that anyone who is *primarily* concerned with correcting the language of your question, rather than answering it, is "influencing" the discussion. They are, whether intentional or not, causing a debate rather than a discussion. Sometimes the question itself is loaded, asked only to provoke such corrections. In the end, people are going to play their ideological influencer videogame for as long as they are invested in their ideology.

Reddit has roughly 52 Million visitors per day, around 26 Million of them being Americans. This is around 8% of the American population. Meanwhile, CNN struggles to even break 1 Million viewers on a single show as of last month. Blunt, oversimplified observations are not always appropriate when talking about these huge numbers of people, I know. However, it is easy to say that censorship of Reddit impacts a population the size of South Korea.

If we take only the American users, you are censoring a population the size of Florida and Puerto Rico combined.
If an entire country were subject to manipulation of its speech (political or otherwise) by one or more foreign powers it would be called a human rights crisis.
If this was done to a country with the permission of its leadership in exchange for $ that would be obvious criminal corruption in addition to the rights violations.
If this was being done to a specific and coherent group of people representing a racial, ethnic, tribal, or religious group it would be actionable by the UN.

I know this last point to be true because there are roughly 26 Million Muslims in Europe and the EU has put forward a number of resolutions and policies to protect that group through the use of censorship. Consider that Europe has around 750 Million people in total. So for every 1 Muslim protected there are 15 Other Europeans who are are censored, regardless of whether or not that censorship directly impacts them. Whether you are dealing with a small minority or a relatively large percentage, an attack on the rights of a large number of people is worthy of a response. Now, in this example, funnily enough, I am showing that these bodies are willing to use censorship to protect rights, but that's okay.

The discussion can simply be narrowed to a discussion of "rights" and from there we can determine something like "at an individual level no one is guaranteed the right to post on a privately-owned website, but as a whole, the audience of that website should still be protected under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Act which stipulates that "Consumers should be treated fairly and not deceived or put at risk due to unfair or deceptive acts performed by businesses. An example of unfair or deceptive practices: A statement, omission or practice likely to mislead the consumer." If Reddit is taking money in exchange for content-shaping and censorship, then the consumer is at risk of being mislead about not only the product, but any subject that a subreddit pertains to. For example, if I want to get into collecting Shoes, and Nike posts are botted to the top, while Adidas posts are censored, there is deception and omission occurring. This situation would appear identical to the user of another forum if there simply were no posts about Adidas shoes made by the other users, and they all just happen to really like Nike. The absence or presence of something is not the issue here, the cause for the absence and the financial benefit created from it is.

The posts censored on Reddit are not necessarily people, nor is the censorship always performed by people. Bots make posts and bots censor posts. Automoderator, Reddit itself, Subreddit policies and sub-specific bots, content filters, etc. all censor "content" rather than people. There are people-specific censorship methods, but I won't cover them for the sake of brevity. There are also region-based and device-based censorship methods incorporated into content delivery algorithms, but that's also a lengthy subject. For a decade or longer, subreddits have asked for more features and have received very little in return. This can be read in a number of different ways, but I think it is fair to say that it didn't become the largest psychological warfare attack vector for online Americans intentionally. I think it is more telling that instead of using their investment $ to increase the organic participation of users from their own country, these investors want to, for the most part, interfere with Americans talking to each other. In 2012 Reddit was 65% American, and there are now 2.5 Billion more people using the internet than there were then. So, to say something nice about Reddit: the website was so popular with Americans that it attracted foreign investment and it is ultimately the fault of the US Government for failing to protect its citizens, not the fault of Reddit for maximizing profits and crafting a content policy primarily to protect the business rather than the users.

The communist conspiracy is not really about communism, nor is it about China. Reddit is an American website used by Americans for the most part, and much like America, it has turned into a mess of epic proportions. Admins and Moderators on Reddit are doing a difficult job on a platform that does not care about them as the site would remain massively profitable by only retaining the top 100 subreddits and just dropping the rest. The US Government has demonstrated it does not really care if Americans are informed honestly or constantly manipulated as they are in the business of doing it themselves. Instead of direct regulation that could threaten cashflow, various agencies test their own psy-ops on Americans as competitors to the foreigners. As counterintuitive as it may sound, there is always that 0.0001% chance that the Chinese just feel sorry for us and want to use their big brains and money to make the world a better place like any other misguided philanthropist or "moral-fagging troll." I won't assume to know their motives or their intended outcome. Maybe something similar played out in China leading to their own massive censorship campaigns and they want to avoid a similar situation playing out in the US. Call me a China sympathizer if you like, but I just like to do these little fair-mindedness tests to orient my thoughts and strip away biases.

TL:biggrin:R (for real this time if you read nothing else, read this:)
If you really want to be mad at someone, be mad that the US Government, at no fucking point, ever, gave a shit about Reddit as a "Bastion of Free Speech on the Internet." If Reddit failed to live up to the lofty title it had given itself, then the "Leader of the Free World" could have taken a stand for those principles. The government didn't give a shit when Reddit witch-hunted an American to death following the Boston Bombings in 2013. The government still didn't give a shit when r/politics banned fringe outlets almost unliterally in 2014 and cared very little for 'TheFappening' that same year despite large-scale dissemination of pornography featuring underaged women. No, Reddit was never put on the spot for anything that happened on the website until 2021 when the FUCKING GameStop Stock Fiasco happened. When SOPA, PIPA, and various other (anti) net-neutrality legislation faced an American people united on an issue for the first time in a LONG time (80-90% supporting net neutrality), Reddit at least pretended to give a shit. Then you get to R/TheDonald, BLM Marches, Chapo, GamerGate, PizzaGate, u/Spez tampering, the totally real and organic "Moderator Petition to Ban Hate Speech", and R/GenderCritical... It becomes easy to see that from 2015-2019 the site became very politically correct under Ellen Pao first, then even moreso with the return of Spez. Again, no conflict of interest for the CEO of Reddit to be on the ADL Board. No conflict that the site is owned by a Mass Media company and censors hundreds of competitors. They simply do not care. The people "running the government" are senile rats with a cocaine button always at their fingertips; incapable of feeling anything other than the dopamine rush of selfish corruption.

Jul 21, 2020
Reading list:
None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen
Jews and Freemasons in Europe 1723-1939
Inside the Illuminati by Mark Dice (About 80% right)

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Aug 2, 2021
@ people who believe china is not comunist, you've taken the china suppository ages ago.

Communism is not that magical place where money doesn't exist and everyone is equal. That's a lie used to sell communism.

Jul 2, 2021
So, when a gay op is being done against the American people, we need to figure out if is the chinks, the ruskies, the kikes, the neo-nazi's, or our own government...? Sigh... *Gets out his flamethrower to just fucking burn it all to the ground*