Disaster Is It Possible to Mix Cement Into a Vegan Milkshake? We Did It. -


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There is no material evidence that anyone in Portland has ever stirred quick-drying cement into a vegan milkshake.
Until this week—when we did.
Portland city officials have spent the past week distancing themselves from a June 29 warning issued by the Portland Police Bureau on Twitter that leftist protesters might have mixed quick-drying cement with vegan milkshakes. That rumor, combined with a documented assault by masked antifascists on a conservative journalist, inspired what the mayor now calls a "global frenzy" of right-wing contempt for Portland.

The week's events added to frustrations about Portland police's inability to curb violent street brawls.
But as WW first reported last week ("On Shaky Ground," July 3, 2019), no one has shared photos, videos or other physical evidence of the rumored concrete concoctions.
Police now admit the bureau has no physical evidence to support the claim—and Chief Danielle Outlaw said in a press conference July 3 that she hopes it turns out the milkshakes were just milkshakes.
We had a lot of questions about the cement milkshake allegation.
Can quick-dry cement be mixed with sugary, frozen non-dairy ice cream? Would the mixture splatter like a milkshake? What would a cement milkshake even look like?
WW decided to find out. We bought a 50-pound bag of Quikrete from a hardware store in Northeast Portland and two vegan vanilla milkshakes from Burgerville. Then, we got to mixing.
Control test: We tossed an untainted milkshake at a mannequin wearing a bandanna that could be used as a mask to conceal her identity if she committed crimes.

Result: The shake splattered beautifully across her expressionless face, and dripped off in ribbons of melted coconut cream. This is also how people who were splashed in the streets of Portland on June 29 looked in news photographs.

Test A: We mixed six spoonfuls of Quikrete into a half-full milkshake cup. The mixture thickened slightly and turned dark gray.

Result: It splattered across the mannequin just fine, but left behind an unmistakable, gritty sludge that could never be mistaken for the vegan milkshake we started with.

Test B: We mixed more concrete with the remaining milkshake. We let it sit for 10 minutes—and then tossed it.

Result: A little more than half of the mixture splattered our fake victim, but a fair amount of the mixture stuck to the inside of the cup as wet, clumpy muck. The splatter looked nothing like a milkshake. It looked like wet concrete.

Two hours later, the cement-milkshake mixture coating our dummy was still squishy and wet. It had not dried, as quick-drying concrete is supposed to do.
Conclusion: It's definitely possible to mix quick-drying cement with a vegan milkshake—but the result would be immediately obvious and would leave behind a telltale mess that's tough to clean up.
The runny white splatter of the milkshakes protesters threw on June 29 did not look at all like our quick-drying concrete cocktail.
Neither the Portland Police Bureau nor any witness has been able to produce credible evidence that a single cement milkshake was thrown June 29. But a concrete milkshake is distinctive, as we learned. It's gritty, clumpy and a dark color. If such concoctions weren't seen June 29, that is almost certainly because there weren't any.

Rei is shit

"Conclusion: It's definitely possible to mix quick-drying cement with a vegan milkshake—but the result would be immediately obvious and would leave behind a telltale mess that's tough to clean up. "

They say they mixed in 6 spoonfuls and got a concoction that didnt look like a milkshake. Then they did it again with even more concrete. Why not try the experiment with fewer than 6 spoonfuls, if they were honestly trying to prove something?


Great, they've ruled out one form of concrete.

Now do the test with the thousands of variants and substances like epoxy and plaster then do it with kitty litter which was also a suggestion of the material used.

Just skimmed her Twitter feed and it is pretty typical leftist shit. At first I thought she was just too stupid to understand why her experiment was really a non-conclusion but having perused her postings/stories it might have been just to cover for Antifa.


I don't see why it wouldn't work with most any liquid. Cement is basically just finely ground limestone mixed with water as a binding agemt, seems like a milkshake (preferably melted) wouldn't be able to replace water in a pinch.
Sugar slows concrete's setting.

Which is what is used to refute the idea that something was added. What people making that case fail to accept is that it still changes the density of the mixture and it is still in a container.

Locomotive Derangement

Random chance seems to have operated in our favor.
I really never did get an answer, does quick-dry cement cause chemical burns like regular cement? I know actual cement is nasty shit that will melt your skin off if you aren't paying attention, but the term quick-dry cement could refer to anything. Is it pussy water-solluble foam? Something more like polyurethane? Or epoxy? Or is it just rubber cement with a fancy name?


I still don't understand why I'm supposed to care about some azn grifter homo getting a vegan bukkake while at least two guys got hit in the head with fucking pipes.
Oh you don't get it?

They are focusing on Andy because he is a provocateur(which is a word they drag out whenever it is someone they don't like) and they can cast doubt on the contents of the cup.

The guys who got jumped with weapons can't be refuted so the media is drawing attention away from that attack.

It is a naked attempt to protect Antifa and control the narrative.


Are you now, or have you ever been?
Anyone here ever use white, sanded grout? Yeah, it burns like a motherfucker and is, guess what white in color.

It's basically white colored portland cement. But of course in these dinguses tiny little brains, concrete is a gray powder that comes in 60lb bags, and that only.

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