Is Kiwi Farms an academic source? - Could I cite it in a school research paper?

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I wrote a paper on ChrisChan once. I was already doing fine in the class and it was strictly optional extra credit, so nothing serious - but when an opportunity like that comes along, it's hard to pass up.

It really depends on the professor and how you're doing in the class overall. If you think you can get away with it, sure, go for it, why not?

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This crossed my mind ever since that one journal cited us.
It's unpublished/self-published, so I don't think most academics would consider it "reliable", other than maybe for the links which are contained in the articles. I believe the bare basic standard is for the content to have gone through some type of publishing agency.

(Similar to how citing Wikipedia articles themselves aren't reliable, but using Wikipedia as a database for the citations and links included in the articles is).

It would just depend upon context and what you mean precisely. If you were researching internet subcultures in some capacity, for example, it might be appropriate to directly cite findings from the forum to support your thesis. However, if you're asking if Kiwi Farms can be considered a scholarly source, then no--by definition it is not. You would not use Kiwi Farms as a source of information if you were researching something like the impact of sunspots on telecommunications, even if an expert in that field discussed something relevant on the forum. You would need to find that information from that expert in an actual peer-reviewed journal or, as straightshooter mentioned, at the very least something which has gone through a major publishing agency.