Is Kiwi Farms an academic source? - Could I cite it in a school research paper?

Which math fields/subjects did you see if you are comfortable with answering?
Power level: My last course was transition Math and there were 3 Tiers of exams and it was exclusively online. I failed Tier 1, retook the material and managed to gradually pass the parts that I failed at (Like Angles), and managed to pass the Tier 1 exam on my second try on the last day.


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All "Academic" papers are is shitposting with fancy words and double spacing. You can cite anything you want. Its not like anyone will actually read it. To include your professor. Modern universities long ago have given up on producing anything truly meaningful. As long as a tree is killed every week to produce the paper they are happy.


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A lot of people used 4chan as a source. If you have access to Jstor, you can verify this yourself. Generally they were studying online groups or tribal behavior, so 4chan was what they were writing about.

If you want to talk about lolcows like for a psych paper, I would reference the archives or their social media posts but not the Farms directly. You could even do a paper on the Farms itself if you’re daring.

If the paper is about lolcows, what better source than here? I would give a student extra points or discretion if they cited here. They know their shit.