Is not laughing at jokes a sign of disrespect/attitude

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When you're in a position of authority over other people it's always a good idea to tell an unfunny joke so you know who's an uppity little cunt who needs to be stepped on hard. Laughing at bad jokes has nothing to do with politeness it is simply the civilised man's way of expressing who is the big swinging cock pissing all over the room and who is the subservient cur rolling over meekly and compliantly to lick at the asshole glands of their betters.

I strongly suspect that OP and his girlfriend are cripplingly autistic for not understanding this very basic human interaction.

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Dec 21, 2017
Steve was so angry about her not laughing at any of his lame jokes that he called her a nasty bitch and ordered her to leave the meeting room because he claimed that by not laughing at the jokes she was giving him attitude and being very disrespectful.
That's absolutely hilarious, no way did some fag sperg out in the middle of a meeting because she didn't laugh at his shitty joke you gotta be full of it.


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Feb 4, 2018
Steve got me to laugh but not because he's witty. Dunno, could probably report him for that if its a large corporation or union job. That isn't really acceptable behavior.

I laugh at jokes that are funny and I think thats the best way of doing things. If you get a person to laugh that only laughs at good jokes its more meaningful. I'm not a big fan of fake emotions and meaningless platitudes like forced apologies. Do we suddenly live in a "face" obsessed culture like Japan or China?


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Feb 2, 2018
People are sensitive. If I see someone has made an obvious joke and I don't find it particularly funny, I offer at least a smile or a "heh" to let them know I recognize what they're doing. If I know the person well, I just tell them to shut the fuck up.


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Jun 11, 2015
I suspect OP does not have a girlfriend.


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Jul 23, 2016
Steve was so angry about her not laughing at any of his lame jokes that he called her a nasty bitch and ordered her to leave the meeting room

This was Steve's funniest joke. He sounds like a complete card, this guy.


Mar 4, 2018
If it was a friend, someone I'm sucking up to or someone I like making a joke, I might smile but that's just me.

Forcing yourself to laugh at his jokes will not prepare him for the real world where people will not feel obligated or pity him enough to laugh at his jokes and coddle him. They will just find him annoying. He needs to stop getting his material off cereal boxes and chocolate bar wrappers.