Is paying taxes racist? - Well is it?

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It's definitely probably not less or more racist than not paying taxes and both paying taxes and not paying taxes are cultural appropriation.

Tor Lugosi

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Being able to afford taxes shows how privileged you are and then the taxes go to pay for the police who kill Black people. Taxes on non-whites is also just another form of slavery.

Therefore taxes are racist and should be abolished.


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Paying taxes is probably one of the most racist things you can do. Every dollar is another minute of kneeling on george floyds neck.

Carlos Weston Chantor

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Paying taxes is not racist, but it is satanic and evil just like voting, and you will probably go to Hell if you don't at least try your best to avoid it

Just spend $100,000 on an offshore caribbean citizenship and never again have to give your money to the ZOG so they can use it to murder babies and worship satan

It is extremely anti-semitic. Also I'd happily stop giving money to the police, they are just glorified nannies who won't give a shit for your safety and stop criminals unless you are either rich or dead.

Haim Arlosoroff

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Is paying taxes racist?
The taxes are used to pay for police who then oppress non whites.
Is paying my taxes helping systemic racism?
If what the leftists said was honest then yes and we should expect them to help setup a tax revolt, however if what the leftists say is just a lie to argue more power for themselves then they will call you a racist for opposing them. We know which they will do.

The truth is that taxes are nationalist and communalist, and the traitors who currently manufacture a consent of the governed based on falsity should be stripped of their power and tossed into the cold streets we walk in everyday. A Satanic power stemming from the capital has taken over our whole country, holding key positions of spiritual and intellectual life to monitor and control the whole nation. To persecute all who oppose them within the laws, and terms like 'racism', which they twist according to their direction and the globalist system they have made.

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