Is RedLetterMedia the worst youtube channel of all time? -

An Ghost

died of laughter after seeing a donkey eat figs
True & Honest Fan
Rick Evans isn't gross

The Marauder

RLM is awful compared to the boys over at Cinematic Rectum
You know what, I can actually list off a lot of alternatives.

* The Movie Blob
* Cinema Crimes
* Bros Know
* The Popcorn Gang
* Film Crappers
* Every Movie is Terrible
* Cynema De Bergerac
* Your Movie Sucks My Dick
* The Theater Anus
* The Dick Critic
* Everything in Movies is Fucking Wrong
* Cinema Smegma
* Popcorn Movie Farts Podcast
* Film is Toilet Paper
* Movie Cum Dumpster
* Movie's Bloody Stool Gave Me AIDS