Is the modern Left a sex cult? - A totally non-biased debate.

Is the Modern Left a sex cult?

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  • Kiwifarms is a sex cult.

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  • Only the SJWs are a sex cult. Other leftists are normal

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  • The Right is the real sex cult.

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The Lizard Queen

Lizard boobs. Your argument is invalid.
So I've been thinking about how the Left and Right tend to define the concept of "Personal Freedom," especially in regard to how both sides think of sex.

On the far end of the Right, Freedom tends to be focused on increased personal responsibility and lack of outside interference regarding beliefs. Often this is manifested as a desire to buy 27 guns and build bombs in a shack in Montana with your wife(s) and 12 children. While the Right are often stereotyped as prudish and puritan, the general attitude on the Right about sex tends to be more along the lines of, "don't ask, don't tell," unless you're a hardcore religious person, in which case you have some strong opinions about restricting it.

On the Far Left, the social justice types tend to define personal freedom as freedom from the social mores and judgments that prevent them from engaging in desired behavior. The Left loves to attack aspects of society which they feel are limiting to their desires, in which case their idea of Freedom tends to be rather strictly the freedom of the genitalia. Thus the focus on LGBT issues and sexuality, as well as on arguably hedonistic programs that lower the burden of personal responsibility on the masses, such as welfare and abortion. This variety of the Left tends to be stereotyped as hippies, dreaming big dreams but mostly doing nothing outside of a limited scope of earthly pleasures.

So the question is, can modern SJWs be considered a sort of hedonistic (possibly even pedophilic) sex cult? They do seem to spend an awful lot of time concentrating on sex and drugs, and stopping people from interfering with or judging their sex and drugs.