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Is there a correlation between anime-avatars and more "extreme" opinions?

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by hood LOLCOW, Nov 5, 2018.

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    1. @hood LOLCOW
      Not anymore then anything else I would think. The correlation you could draw is that people that like games, anime, wrestling, comic books etc etc (and I mean REALLY like, enough to post on a site like here) have a higher chance of being socially "ostracized" for one reason or another and then lean further to one direction - be that right or left - then other people. You could also make the case for the idealized version of Japan because they're fairly xenophobic, etc etc but thats way beyond my knowledge and probably not a case I would even try to make.

      But I'm just pulling that out of my ass as pure speculation.

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    2. Mishima Yukio was a gentleman and a scholar.
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      Tranhuviya Ezo Świat

    3. The is still true if you replace watching anime with being a furry
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    4. my last avatar wasn't anime but my new one is, I feel more invigorated already; I can feel the cries of privatized fire departments and self-building roads flowing through my veins
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    5. That's because all those things want to legalize pedophilia and anime avatars are only used by pedophiles.
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    6. Touhou isn't anime
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      jawze たまらんねぇ

    7. I've definitely noticed a correlation between furry avatars and misguided social activism.
      Literally every single time an angry online mob forms to fight some imaginary sexism/racism/transphobia etc, there's always a platoon of furry avatars to be found nearby.
    8. Did someone say National Socialist? Where's the point where you cross over into extremism though?
    9. Possibly. I still think furry/terrible selfies are more likely to pop in with their exceptionalism, though. I do feel like anime avatars with girls in them are more prone to wild political escapades, compared to avatars with males in them, which usually pop up more in fandom related craziness.
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    10. Well, I don't have an anime avatar and have extremist opinions, therefore this post is wrong.

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    11. I really, really, really wish anime had stayed a tankie thing

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    12. I mean, I feel like there's a bit of a correlation in that a fair bit of the crowd of people that watch anime in English speaking countries tend to gravitate towards extremist opinions of which spending a lot of time on the internet is a hallmark as well, but I think most of it is, uh, what's the word, confirmation bias I think? People go online thinking, as you said, the vast majority of extremist opinions online are expressed by people with anime girl avatars, so while they don't really notice when someone without an anime girl avatar expresses an extremist opinion, whenever someone WITH an anime girl avatar that expresses extremist opinions shows up, they catch their notice, and as such they see that as their bias being confirmed. Of course, I might be talking out of my ass here.
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    13. Are we lumping in manga on this as well?
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