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This is the obvious example of a Deep Thought and yet there is not a thread about it.

My motives in starting this thread are malicious, and I want to see people get mad and fight each other.

Personally, I am a hard agnostic. I don't know whether there is a God or not, and neither do you. Fuck you. You have no idea.

I also disbelieve my own personal experiences, even though I've experienced situations where it seemed like something communicated with me and told me things, like God might, but I was on a lot of psychedelic drugs at the time and therefore do not trust my own recollection.

Let's talk about God, though. Why not?
I not sure there is a god right now, but I'm certain that there will be.

If the way I suspect the universe works is correct (big bang+expansion --> big crunch --> big bang+expansion-->big crunch--> ad infinitum), then I believe that the cascading complexity of life across the universe will eventually lead to a single being that effectively knows how everything works in the universe, and with a big enough brain, it could essentially predict everything thereafter.

Having such immense knowledge and powers of prediction, it will have reduced its likelihood of dying to 0%, making it immortal by definition. What it does with this power is anyones guess, but it likely wouldn't care about you or your problems. What would it look like? Fuck knows, but it would probably have to be absolutely gargantuan in size to account for the immense processing power needed to truly reach "omniscience".

If it can't survive the big crunch, then it will die like everything else in the galaxy, and things will start from the absolute beginning and continue in the exact same fashion forevermore. If it could somehow survive the big crunch by somehow transitioning outside the physical dimension, then it would likely linger on forever where we couldn't see it (IE literal skydaddy).



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I am agnostic about the universe as a whole. But I am atheist when it comes to the man-made religions.

I do not believe humanity has the means or the ability to know there is a god, and it shows our extreme hubris that we think he made us in his image. The modern religions are just like the religions of old, ways for people to cope with the unknown, and explain what is known. The universe is vast and ever-expanding, how could we know what created it? We are limited to our small blue speck and haven't even landed on a different planet yet. (The moon is not a planet lol)

However in the infinite expanse that is our universe people argue that in it's beauty a god HAD to have made it. Ok, but why would it be the Christian god, or the Muslim god or the Greek Gods? It could be some being that we cannot even fathom, a being that doesn't even know we exist in the universe.

I am a pantheist, which believes the universe is god. The physical universe is everything, it is your wife, it is me, you, your car, and the cosmos. If the universe is everything, then it is all-powerful, which to me is a god. It's what I believe, but I am open if there is anything that can possibly prove i'm wrong. HOWEVER it's honestly the only thinking that could make sense to me.

Would you pray to the universe? No, because you might as well pray to the trees or the grass in your lawn. Hell you might as well pray to yourself, since you are apart of the universe.

But I do understand why people pray, and why they believe. So while I might chuckle and think it's silly that people talk about Adam & Eve and a talking snake like it's a historical fact, I understand why they believe.
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Well considering that there are still many things we have yet to discover or figure out, (like what is beyond our solar system, what's down in the deepest parts of the earth's waters, how to cure stuff like cancer), I'd say there's some possibility of a higher being somewhere. Whether or not it considers itself "God" I can't really say.

Also, considering how out of the many many many different species there are on this planet alone, we're the only ones to gain full sentience and practically bend the planet to our will. Kinda makes you wonder why that is or how.

I guess I consider myself agnostic, but at the same time, it seems like a fairly long series of coincidences for us as a species to get to the point we are now.

I'm not sure if we'll ever really find the answer though.
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I see it as transparently as possible the reasons why people NEED to believe in "God", so no, I think it's just people needing to find meaning behind everything, even when there is none.

I'm perfectly content believing life was coincidence, luck, and a lot of fucking time, and that one day I won't exist. In my mind, that only makes my life, and life in general, far more interesting and makes me appreciate it more.
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This is The End, beautiful friend.

EDIT: Just now realized this was in Deep Thoughts so I should probably post something more substantial.

I don't believe humans are the chosen species of the universe; I believe in evolution from beings incapable of believing in a god. Therefore any notion or idea that there is a god would be a human invention or impossible to confirm either way. There may be a god, but I sincerely doubt humans have a rule book about it. The belief that we do is a human invention and one that has been altered by many different other humans since its creation.

Also, the fact that there are multiple religions that are no longer around that predated the origins of all current religions kinda makes the notion that humans aren't behind it pretty iffy.

I will say though, Revelations is the single most brutally awesome thing ever written.
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We can't know, but if he does he probably doesn't care of our actions because he has eternity to judge us. So I think he is irrelevant.

I understand the need of "him" to cope with death, though. Everyone has their own mechanisms. God/Religion is just another one.


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Entertainingly divisive question.

I don't refute the possibility of God, but I don't bother trying to prove it, either. It's not like any amount of philosophising on my part is going to change the outcome, so meh. By dint of the very concept, God is utterly inscrutable, so it's not like the scientific method will ever have anything much to say about it either given that it's an approach that's specifically there for the sake of empirical analysis. Any omniscient/-potent/-present entity isn't likely to let themselves be tripped up by enquiring yet finite minds to the point of forming a proof of their existence or non-existence without intending to. Philosophy and religion are too wooly and individually interpretive a means of explanation, so short of God deliberately making themself/selves incontrovertibly known to us, there's no means of definitive proof.
Personally, I am a hard agnostic. I don't know whether there is a God or not, and neither do you. Fuck you. You have no idea.

I guess I'm a "weak atheist," which as a practical matter amounts to the same thing. Having said that, I could probably be argued into some sort of belief in an Aristotelian Unmoved/Prime/First Mover if I gave a shit about the topic. But I also see no way that any sort of personal and loving Deity exists, nor that there is any part of a human being that survives the death of their material body. (e.g. souls aren't real.)

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