Is There a God? - Lol

Nevermind, what I wrote was unbiblical too.

It is a trinity. The father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

God is the Holy Father in heaven.

Jesus is god too. He became a human over 2,000 years ago and died for our sins.

And the Holy Spirit is not symbolic. He is a part of us when we call Jesus into our lives.
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i am open to a god existing. i am open to being convinced that //insert religion here// is the way. but not until i can get cold, hard evidence to suggest so. currently i identify as a laveyan satanist (which, before all y'all religious folks pounce on me for, this branch of satanism is basically just atheism with a dogma. no satan honey) and i am open to discussing things civilly with all of you. this should be fun.

currently, my stance on at least christianity is... well if we're going off the bible here, it's completely false. so many contradicting statements and weird scriptures and... when you look at it with pure logic and scientific evidence that directly opposes the christian church's teachings, the whole religion crumbles apart. for instance, why did god sacrifice himself, to himself... to appease himself? i don't understand. if someone would like to talk with me about this, i'm open to doing so on this thread.
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I believe in a god. However, I'm skeptical to it existing. If one reads William James, he says that religion is real because it produces real results, and because people are changed and affected by religious motivations, that validates the existence for a god. My god, however, is very panentheistic, somewhat of an all consuming figure that both exists and doesn't exist, both good and bad emanate from it and everyone is somehow reacting to it in some way shape or form. My beliefs are very similar to Kabbalistic interpretations of Judaism interspersed with the occasional reverence for Odin and Freja. I think that since people believed in gods, they become legitimate channels to a greater reality. Even if that reality is false, it is still one constructed by humankind, and I believe humankind to be essentially good.


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I do think that if there is a God, it must be above all religions. Always got the sense it wouldn't care whether one religion or the other was correct, just that it would only ultimately care about people, or something. In the end, everyone is free to interpret reality in their own way with their own religions, and so forth. Personally I don't believe in there being a God.


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I kinda miss the roman times when people thought gods were evil rapists.

I kinda like the idea hat there is an all-powerful god and that he doesn't give a flying fuck about you. Except the sexy ladies, where he faps to you when you think you are alone, and that's the whole extent of his caring.

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I don't believe in the biblical god. But I guess there has to be something.
There are so many unanswered questions regarding how and why the universe came to be. How does nothing become something?
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Weird consistencies like the golden ratio and other recurring fractal patterns give me the impression of some underlying structure to the universe. I could see some concept of god being a reality because of this. However, I’m defining God here as an abstract foundation that reality is built upon- something that our brains have no chance of comprehending.

The idea of a sentient, omnipotent God with human characteristics and morals seems very unlikely to me.


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I am 100% committed, beyond any doubt, to my personal belief that there is no god, heaven, hell etc. That being said, I do respect people who have faith.
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Nope. Or at least.... we have no reason to think there is. Definitely not the bible god, I bet 1 billion space bux that shit did not happen.

No matter what belief you subscribe to you've still got the same problem as everyone else. Where did the universe come from? OK, where did the thing that made it come from? OK, now where did the thing that made that come from? Etc. You haven't solved the problem by refusing to keep asking the question. Fine, god made everything. So where did he come from then? OK everything started with the big bang. How did that happen? How did all that stuff get there?


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If there is a God, he's a severe shithead, I think that much is a given.

So by my rationale, fuck him either way.
As I've said, seeing defaults and holding a god accountable for bad stuff happening used to be widespread and is certainly an interesting idea.

The only other sensible view would be to see him as a force of nature where he is also not thanked for good things happening, just like you don't thank your wood for burning in your fireplace. Not that I know if god would make a good fire if placed in the fireplace anyway.