Is there a lolcow that can't be A-Logged?

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Jan 11, 2014
I feel like the threshold of what constitutes A-Logging varies from lolcow to lolcow. Of course wishing somebody like CWC harm is A-Logging, as is exaggerating his transgressions. I feel it's justified to feel anger at pedocows and zoosadists, though.

It's been said that Nick Bate, Vade, and ADF are impossible to A-Log, but I personally don't believe that's the case. It's one thing to feel angry at them and hope they are punished, but if you feel the need to state you are better than them, that counts as A-Logging in my book.

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I think all cows can be A-Logged, but horrorcows like Susan Schofield, Yaniv, the zoosadists and Sick Nick are impossible to not be "mad on the internet" at.

The worst subforums I've seen for A-logging and pointless anger are Chris and Amber. Sure, they're both collosal, narcissistic morons, but they're only harming themselves in the long run and they voluntarily continue to post content which makes it more hilarious than rage inducing.

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Dec 24, 2018
Short answer: no. Every lolcow can be A-Logged
Longer answer: From my understanding, when A-Log was active, he spent a ridiculous amount of his time going after CWC. Every time Chris farted, he'd make a video full of rage disproportionate to the act, going on and on about how he was better than Chris. As the forum rules say: if you have to actively tell people you're smarter than everyone else, you're probably not. A-Logging is not simply being mad at the internet- it's actively telling people that you're better than person X. For example, we get that Yaniv is a horrible person, and he now has a profile where you can go tell him that to his face. However, if you spend an inordinate amount of time comparing yourself to him and telling us how much better than him you are, you're A-Logging.

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Jan 21, 2019
OP is confusing "a-logging" for "mad at the internet". A-logging means being unreasonably hostile in an attempt to feel better about yourself because you're also an unreasonable piece of shit (aka the original A-log).

In that light, any cow or anyone can be a-logged, because it's as much about being angry as it is about being a cow yourself. It's much more about who the person a-logging is and less about who the target of their ire is.

I guess this is why Null wants to filter-text every single community slang out there (even if I personally think it does more good than harm) (:_(


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Apr 1, 2019
Any "lolcow" that harms kids and/or animals.

How do you even A-Log a cunt like Maggot Palermo or Susan Banana? They scarred their kids for life. Fuck those cunt.
ShoeOnhead was a cunt to her dog, but she mostly just seems like the standard e-thot.

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Jul 15, 2019
Mmm. I would argue it's more about composure.
You can feel however you want about any cow and their behaviors or whatever.
And tactfully write as much.
But just writing "OMFG IM LITERALLY SO MAD" is kind of silly.
If you MUST vent your frustrations then do so tactfully and coherently.
Dismantle what a gross, disgusting person they are using your words, logic, and chronicling their behavior.
But writing poetry and love/hate letters doesn't do much or really contribute that much to the conversation.
Nobody really wants a thread full of people just saying "fuck off I hate you" over and over lol.

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May 10, 2019
No, and I would go further to say that you would be hard-pressed to find a PERSON (lolcow or not) who can't be A-logged. As others have pointed out, A-Logging isn't just about being mad. It's about going to unreasonable lengths to obsess over and attack a target in order to assuage personal insecurities. For, example, most people get upset over child molestation ("Mad at the Internet" or just Mad IRL). But if you latch on to a particular child molester, criticize everything they do (even minor things completely unrelated to their crimes), and go on and on about how much better you are than them because you don't fuck kids, not only are you engaging in unhealthy/compulsive behavior, but others may become suspicious of whether you might be hiding something ("the lady doth protest too much, methinks," as the old Shakespearean saying goes).
Even normal people could be A-logged IMO, as everyone has flaws, and it would not be hard for a sufficiently-obsessed individual to compulsively document the various shortcomings of a particular individual (well-adjusted or not) for the purposes of compensatory mocking.