Is there a lolcow that can't be A-Logged?

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Bad Headspace

Y e a h
May 4, 2019
I think the answer is no.
If you need to elevate your ego by constantly saying how much better you are than a lolcow, then in the end you will be the lolcow. Also Boogie is fat, eat a salad boogie. :unholy:


cum jar conoussier
Jun 28, 2019
That's because he's dead. You can't alog a dead person.
I can assure you some fuckwit would go to the extent to draw the comparison that by simply being alive, it makes them better than him. Thats true A-logging in nutshell, doesn't matter how small it is, the similarities between an A-log and their lolcow are too great and they must remind everyone who is superior in order to ease their insecurities.


Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
Definitely those who deserve to be locked up, ala Nick Bate or the Zoophiles.

Anyone else is just teetering on the edge at this point. Which I guess is just inherent of being on a site that doccuments and laughs at people who are assholes.

John Andrews Stan

Call 901-922-9912 for sharts on-demand
Sep 5, 2019
I personally love to witness A-logging. Shit’s hilarious. It reminds me of when my son’s bratty friends get buttmad over getting killed in vidya and start throwing controllers and crying. It’s impossible to keep a straight face. I cry laughing. Ditto A-logging observation. Hoes mad are comedy gold.

Syaoran Li

Lord, I was born a ramblin' man
True & Honest Fan
Feb 19, 2017
If we're talking about A-Logging in the sense of troll shielding? Then yeah, any lolcow can be A-Logged and it's generally a thing you should avoid.

As the rules say, if you have to remind everyone how much better you are than someone else, you probably aren't.

If we're talking about A-Logging in the sense of being "mad at the internet"? Well, it honestly depends on the lolcow.

Some lolcows are so utterly reprehensible, they're almost impossible to A-Log. Examples include Nick Bate, Couch Cuck, the zoosadists, Yaniv, Ron Toye, and a lot of the more extreme Rat King lolcows like Zinnia Jones.

There are lolcows that can be A-Logged, but are so unlikable and horrible that it's very hard for a sane person to reach that level of internet rage. Examples include ADF, Zoe Quinn, Amanda Winn-Lee, Clawshrimpy, most of the Rat Kings, and David Hill.

Then you've got your "baseline" lolcows where they can be legitimately infuriating at times, but it's still too easy to go over the line and A-Log them. Prime examples would be DSP, "Classic" Chris, Sargon, Brianna Wu, and Romeo Rose.

Finally there's the lolcows who are so harmless, tragic, or innocuous that any venom or rage is A-Logging. Think along the lines of Terry A. Davis, Pixyteri, Timothy Whitbeck, and nowadays Chris.

Dog of god
Apr 26, 2020
Nick Bate, and anyone like him. Kero and the Zoosadists.
NO! Kero the wolf is a disgrace to the furry fandom! Kero the wolf is guilty!

kero the wolf [Leviticus 20 15 meme].png