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I'm an artist and I want to make a webcomic about animals (furries hehe) one day. Seeing how she has pretty much alienated a lot of people and puts a lot of work into something that nobody even gives a shit about, it has me worried. Granted this would change if she was actually nice to her fans and wasn't so self serving, but I'd really really hate to be in her situation.


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I'd have more respect for the guy, as he's pretty entertaining to listen to... Too bad he whines way too much for his own good - for someone with ideas that could be taken seriously (and should in some cases...), he sure can't be taken seriously with all his fucking chimp - outs.

His anger issues and unhealthy lifestyle aren't fucking helping him, either. Also, there are a lot of people I watch on YouTube that are far more calm and collected on these issues than this, which worsens any ability to take this guy seriously.

For me: Venus Angelic. I once had a past where people in my family really tried to make me into someone I'm not. I didn't get it as bad as Venus did from Margaret, but it always hurts when people (especially family) criticize you and tell you how to live. In the end I stopped caring and moved on with my life. However, there is no husband from Japan in my story. . . .Not even a happy fairytale boyfriend. Hahaha!

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I don't really count him as a lolcow (he might be a little), but there's another guy at my job and he's a higher functioning autistic. The guy will go on for hours about a subject like the Fable series or Donald Duck for example. Even when you try to steer him away or say that you're tired of the subject, it usually goes in one ear and out the other. One time we were cleaning at a church and back when he was on cleaning duty (before we moved him since he didn't like listening to women supervisors with an attitude that could've gotten him fired), he kept asking me all these questions on the subject of religion and when I told him after a while that I didn't want to answer any more questions, he kept asking.

On one side I know that I can sperg on things or get excited on a subject with like-minded-people. On the other, I'll listen if someone tells me to stop talking so much about it, I know when to watch myself (I'll ask the person to stop me if I talk too much) and understand that not everyone is interested in the same things as me. As a high-functioning autistic, I do put a lot of pressure on myself to try and fit in and not use my condition as an excuse (I did once for a while and it caused damage). Maybe part of me resents him and is annoyed that he's close to his mid 20's and doesn't seem to try to fit in and keeps acting like a kid. That and it gets boring listening to him jabber about the Fable series for over an hour.
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The thing that hits close to home for me is not tied to any one cow. But cows that are also atheists do me in pretty good. It's rather embarrassing.
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Deep down, there's something about cartoon/anime fan(tard)s that makes me deeply ashamed to otherwise love cartoons like I do (despite my age of being too old for them.). It doesn't help that there are times where I want to sympathize with these people, but too many of them just don't conduct themselves well enough to that all I can do is make fun of them.

When I lived in Canada for 9 yearsI met , and befriend this kid named Ty (for the sole reason that he had a cool-ass paper airplane book on his desk). Anyway, he was obsessed with sonic and Pokemon. When I finally went over to his house I was met with a pigsty. Shit EVERYWHERE! Ty ran upstairs screaming with glee. A minute later some kind of r/c sonic toy flew down the stairs at Mach speed and impacted the ground. It broke and ty cried out "mommy sonic dead". He showed my his room which was filled to the brim with sonic shit, and told me he wanted to make a Pokemon movie. Fast forward to 6th grade, during recess. Ty the tard stayed inside because of the FUCKING WIND. he was scared of the wind!! He also was scared shitless by the GODDAMED BOOGIEMAN! IN 6th grade!!

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Julie Terryberry's story actually hits really close to home for me. Around the time she offed herself, I had just gotten out of a physically and emotionally abusive relationship (similar to how Mike treated her although way less depraved) and it was extremely spooky to know that I felt almost the exact same way as her. And it was very sad to see that she couldn't overcome her own depression.

A lot of people here think she was doomed no matter what happened, but I always thought that she had potential to better herself and live a semi-normal life. Thinking about her is actually a motivator to better myself and stay true to me, as gay as that sounds. I wouldn't wanna end up hanging myself after some abusive animal beater/male prostitute decided I wasn't worth his time.


As is probably obvious to everyone perusing the Waifuist thread, I tend to go very lightly on them and even sometimes turn to white knighting, which has earned me a number of autistic ratings there. I also made an account on r/waifuism, mainly to ask them questions.

While this may in part be because I used to be an Überweeb myself, I think the deeper reason is that I understand that one can take fictional people seriously to the point of thinking about them as if they were alive.

This post may be a bit powerlevel-y from here on, but I suppose this is okay in this special thread...

As I'm working towards becoming a novelist, fictional characters have great importance for me; I basically deal with them on a "professional basis". In my experience, if one wants to write a good story, one needs to treat the characters in it like flesh-and-blood human beings. You need to be able to imagine your protagonists sitting next to you in your living room and drinking coffee if your novel is to have life and substance -- at least, in my case it is that way. The tale must become part of your consciousness, your everyday life.

From that perspective, I have no difficulties understanding the waifuist mindset. Or do I? The difference is, of course, that these people do not invent anything themselves, they aren't so much creators as consumers. That is, while many create fanart or even write music for their waifus, said waifus still are creations by the entertainment industry, invented and designed by a team of media experts at a company who had to come up with a product that would result in maximum revenue: "So -- our target audience is young men in their teens to early thirties, they tend to have sufficient disposable income and the tendency to spend said income on merchandise... thus we need cute girls, very cute girls with a great moé factor... also, we need some action, because young men enjoy action... we need explosions, weapons, tanks -- yeah, that's it, tanks! We should design a series about cute girls who operate tanks while wearing school uniforms!"

This is probably what pushes the waifuist "movement" into lolcow territory: The stories from which their waifus are taken are, like most popular entertainment, pretty simple, repetitive, predictable -- they claim they feel a "deep emotional connection" to a character who is not very deep, characterized by a small set of traits, one of which is usually being kawaii. I enjoy watching anime during breakfast, when my mind is still semi-asleep (I'm not a morning person), I like having something simple, colorful, stimulating to wake me up. While anime episodes can be cute, entertaining, amusing and exciting (maybe occasionally even a little thought-provoking), they are -- let's face it -- easy-to-consume candyfloss-like stories. The characters mostly have little complexity. Nonetheless, the waifuists act as if it is some Shakespearian drama.

The most bizarre example is probably that kid from Costa Rica who killed(!!) himself over his love for Ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono. The series is a joke-centered ecchi cartoon running on silly over-the-top nonsense humor (like exploding panties). How anyone could feel a deep longing to be with the character Ikaros (who is pretty much a buxom BDSM sub), to the point of killing himself over her, is a question I feel unable to answer. Okay, that boy probably was horny beyond belief, most likely also rather awkward and lonesome, and, most of all, he had a massive mental problem... but still -- if he had killed himself over come character with a hint of depth, this stuff would be a little less bizarre.

This seems to be a unifying theme among the large majority of lolcows: They treat popular entertainment as if it was serious business! We have CWC, whose life has been defined by Sonic, Pokemon and some other videogame and cartoon franchises; we have bronies who think MLP has a deep philosophical message; we have SJWs who make a lot of noise about perceived "sexism in videogames"; we have fedoras who screetch and sob about the newer Star Wars instalments having too much girl power in them; etc...

I can understand -- understand very well, in fact -- how one can feel strong emotional attachment to fictional characters. I can understand that one may find anime girls very cute -- of course, they are designed to be cute! What perplexes me, though, is how these two items are combined into people feeling the deepest emotional attachment to characters whose distinguishing characteristics do not go very far beyond a high moé factor together with rudimentary characterisation. It's like waifuists are purely visual creatures: Character looks cute -- OMG my heart melts, I want to be with her, I want to marry her, I will dedicate my life to her, I will never again glance at a flesh-and-blood woman...

When they set up forums with "Catholic rules" such as: "Who claims to have more than one waifu will be banned -- claiming a waifu should be a deep life-changing decision!", then this is bizarre and amusing. When someone's life breaks down or he even commits suicide, then it rapidly moves from amusing to sad and/or psychiatrically relevant.

Gomenasai for long post.


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Enter and Shmorky due to me being a cartoon sperg and wannabe content creator, and LowTi3rGod just because I fucking love fighting games.
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one specific cow that comes to mind instantly is PK. it's kind of weird for me to see all the awful shit she's done, and how i can't look at any of her art without remembering it. i think the one thing that resonates with me the most is the fact that she's creating a series, actually writing and drawing out a story. it may be lazy but it's her work. she's getting paid for it. she's drawing what she wants. she has an audience for her own original creations and a reasonable fanbase. that's something that i want. what i really DON'T want is to become a manipulative and disgusting person. seeing a shitty person doing shitty things while being successful in the same way i want to be successful's weird. it makes me a bit jealous, and makes me second-guess my desire to be known for my drawings/comics/stories/etc.
also, i used to casually like her really old stuff back when she still went by PK, and now seeing how much she is guilty of is
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I'd have to say Terryberry for a few reasons; firstly, she reminds me of certain people I grew up with. People who looked and acted very much like her; who I can, unfortunately see getting into the same situations as she did. Secondly, the depression angle of it is definitely one I relate with. Though I'm not one to go on about my mental issues (lol hypocrite, I'm posting it here), I've certainly had my struggles with depression.

To make matters worse; I OD'd around the time she killed herself which I found pretty horrifying and when I came out of hospital, that's when I found out she was dead. Although I lurked her thread a lot and found a lot of her antics strangely entertaining; I was pretty much devastated when she offed herself because it made me feel lucky that I'd had friends around me to take me to hospital when I'd fucked up but Terryberry didn't; which was really sad.


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Atlantid/Oliver because I used to be friends with someone just as crazy and hypocritical as he his, but my former friend would constantly sperg about how much he hates rich people and why repeating the same shit over and over. And if you disagree with him or don't care, then you're just a fag who supports poverty and the rich.
He even went as far as stalking someone that got him fired from a crappy job.