Is there a lolcow that hits kind of close to home for you? -


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With the amount of information on Chris it really is just staring into an abyss that you eventually see parts of yourself in.

I think him and Dobson in a sense hit some sort of nerve when it comes to complacency and stagnation. Being satisfied with getting by doing the bare minimum, not progressing in life. It's just weird to fear having to live with your parents and not having a job and then see people do that and seem fine with it like its no big deal that they aren't independent in the slightest.

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both SJWs and loveshies remind me of my younger days

in my mid teens I was a whinging lefty Guardianista, then over time I slowly drifted to the other extreme and became a bitter entitled little shitbag

it was only once I'd moved out and got away from my family that I got a more balanced and objective view of the world, engaged in some serious self-reflection, and realised that all my views until then had been completely ridiculous and disconnected from reality

fortunately the internet was slower and online communities were more isolated back then, or else I could well have stumbled into an echo chamber and spent far too long drinking the Kool-Aid, feeding my delusions, and wilfully ignoring the world outside my head

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Maybe Aaron Diaz to a certain degree.

I like stories about girl scientists, surrealistic art and obscure philosophical concepts. Work on my projects often tends to progress at a slow pace. Also, I've done a bit studying of feminism and sometimes I bring these concepts into my stories.

Basically, if you
  1. replace writing with drawing comics,
  2. take away my books and replace them with Wikipedia articles and endless streams of bland nerd culture,
  3. replace Socialism with Randroidism,
  4. plus turn my choleric temperament into a melancholic one,
then you could build me into a second Aaron Diaz from the ground up.

BTW he blocked me on Twitter for asking whether he has ever smiled in his entire life. :lol:

On the other hand, I feel some connection to MylarBalloonFan in the sense that I'm fascinated by old computers and technology, though from an even earlier period than he does, he seems to prefer the 90s while I'm very much into 80s stuff. That said, I need to get my hands on an Atari ST again, this is a MUST!
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2001-2011 forever
fuck old fags

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Nowhere near the extent he is today, but I used to have a huge issue handling criticism like he does. Took it as a personal attack always and I'd retaliate. I don't have bipolar like he does, but I have been clinically diagnosed with depression. It never stopped me from earning a living and supporting myself financially, but I can empathize with him to a certain degree about how low you really can get when it hits you. Spoony uses his bipolar as a crutch to wallow in self pity, and as an excuse to doing fuck all with his life.

In the past, I could have seen myself being friends with him as we share very similar interests as well (tabletop games, old PC RPGs, schlocky movies...)

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Not one in particular but every once in awhile a cow will say or do something that's crossed my mind. They'll either act in a way I did when I was younger or considered doing. It's scary but kind of humbling and I've learned to laugh at it.


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None of them hit me particularly close to home but as a collector of video games and a Sonic fan in particular I guess if I hadn't gotten married when I did and had kids I might have degraded a little by now.
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Amberlynn for me. I realize I have similar tendencies and maybe would have been more like her had I not had people that tell me ‘no’. Most of the similarities come from some of the laziness, not so much the narcissism.


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Luna Slater, but with less junkie idolization. i'm close in age to her and have similarly pretentious aesthetic tastes (general alt stuff, angelic iconography, etc) and interests (grunge, Sanrio uwu shit). i have enough sense to not beg my bf to shoot me up with heroin though. :optimistic:


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Ethan Ralph for me. I am a recovering alcoholic myself, and damn, did booze mess up a lot of stuff for me. I can tell I have a similar sense of humor to Ralph, and it's been hard to watch alcohol mess his show up and cause his descent.
Just reminds me of the mistakes I used to make before I dried out.

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Sargon and his skepticsphere, I'm not like him personally at all but I could definitely see myself becoming a fan of his in the past had I been more aware of him.

The anus of Trent, analing with so much pleasure. One day I'm walking down the street and my friend straight Joey says to me "You have got to try the anus of Trent. You know Trent right?" I say "The guy we all know who always has people complaining about his car? That guy always says to people "if you don't like my car put on sunglasses that hide the car so you can't see it" he enjoys anal pleasure?" My friend straight Joey says "yeah brah." I ask "but wouldn't that make him gay? So I'd be gay if I enjoyed the anal pleasure of the anus, the anus of Trent right?" Straight Joey says "nah brah, you are only gay if you receive penis, not if you give the penis. Then you are still straight, borderline but mehh... still straight." "Wonderful!" I say, I should contact Trent right away and enjoy some anal pleasure from the anus, the anus of Trent." "I caution you" though says straight Joey "do not enjoy too much Trent anus with drugs, try and be mostly sober as you might just unknowingly end up becoming full blown homo in an inebriated state of mind." "Will do!" I say to straight Joey.

Trent comes over to my place later on. We are enjoying dimly lit candles. The mood is set with dimly lit candles and merlot. Trent is sipping merlot. The moon is bright. Anus time says Trent "time for anus."

Trent bends over exposing his anus in the dimly lit moon glow. "sexual relations with anus" explains Trent. We have both consumed many xannies and alcohol. "Don't mind if I do" I explain to Trent.

All of the sudden the door bursts open. It is straight Joey. I quickly begin to unfasten my belt to try and slam my penis into Trents anus. I hear Joey scream "Trent noooooooooo!!!!" but it is too late. Straight Joey watches in horror as Trents barred out anus tightens around my cock.

Mr Magenta actually wrote that last story. This one was also written by Mr Magenta:

The story of Trent and his band of newb Spartan warriors in the village of Oldstoryiate. The story goes: Once upon a time the mayor of Oldstoryiate calls all the villagers into his chamber hall. "The evil is upon us" he says to all the villagers. "We must develop a force strong enough to push it out of our village and into the evil from whence it came. Does anyone have any suggestions?"

Ye olde Trent steps forwards "I have any idea" he says. "What say you?" says the mayor. "We will create a force in my ass of so much pressure that once the pressure is released the evil will be blown out of the village forever. The pressure released will be similar to that of an atom bomb" The mayor says "what will create this pressure Trent?" Trent says "semen I guess." The mayor reluctantly agrees "well why the fuck not" he says.

Most of the villagers go into the barn, with Trent and the mayor and the mayors best assistant. The rest of the villagers are all men, no women. Trent says this is necessary with a smile of possible hope and victory on his face. A very large smile at that. The mayor then says to his assistant and all in the room "I guess the plan that Trent has is for all the villagers to try and put their penis into his anus all at once and the pressure of the semen will build up when pleasure is reached." "pleasure is reached?" asks the assistant. "Yes pleasure, all the men must.... how do you say..... finish.... inside." "how ghastly" says the mayors assistance "but let's start then."

Trent bends over and lowers his pants, exposing his anus. All the men in the room also lower their pants. "The men and penises are filling up the room" says the mayors assistant. "It's necessary for what we need to do" says the mayor. "But there are so many cocks, too many, no room for anything but cocks in here." "Be quiet assistant! Let Trent do his thing" screams the mayor. The men all begin walking toward the anus of Trent but there is not enough room in the barn. The barn is full. "I can't breathe" screams the mayors assistant "Nothing but cocks, can't get any air when I gasp for breath there is no breathe, just cocks in my face." "Into me" says Trent. The cocks begin filling Trents anus, until he anus is full with cocks. "There is no more room in your ass" says one of the villagers. "I will consume the cocks" says Trent.

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"Trent go off now" screams the mayor "destroy the evil!" Trent goes outside and struggles to see the evil cloud, the cloud in the air that he must defeat, he wipes the semen from his eyes that he can barely see from. "you cannot destroy me" says the cloud. Trent turns around and aims his anus into the air. "Somebody..... put a finger.... in my ass.... it hurts" he groans. A villager goes out and pokes their pinky into Trents ass, releasing the pressure. A hose of semen as powerful as the volcano that erupted from mount saint Helens shoots out of Trents anus sending the evil cloud back to whence it came, and apparently gayer as well from the experience. You can hear the cloud screaming as it flies back from the atomic bomb equivalent pressure explosion "Trent nooooooooo............." *fades off* and it's gone.

All the villagers scream and shout and come outside. They cry in joy and victory. That night they hold a celebration. As the party roars on, the mayor walks up to Trent and sees him hanging out with his band of newb spartan warriors. "I am a hero am I not?" Trent says to the mayor. "About that" the mayor says. "we know it was you behind the mask of deception making the village polls to make yourself popular, you are really custy dude. We have been tired of you for awhile and this good deed does not make up payment for your unfortunate and paranoid attitude." Trents friends stick up for him, the two newb spartans he nicknamed "stinky" and "ayuasca smokey" speak up and say "Trent is cool, he let us into his party room where we wore the masks of deception, if it wasn't for Trent blah blah"...... the mayor interrupts "out with all ye! Ye disgust me! Ye band of spartan newbs is simply a band of newbs Trent. Be gone you are vanquished from the village!"

Trent and his Spartan newb warriors pick up and begin to leave. Stay tuned for the rest in part 2

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Luna Slater, man. Should be a cautionary tale for any junkies out there falling down the slippery slope of just “trying” something or claiming you can do it casually. It’ll catch up to you.
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Before I found Kiwi Farms I used to read ED a lot and came across an article about a chick called Chin-chan. Was taking a taxi home from the local shopping centre one day and I see someone out the window who looked just like her. I thought "Shit, I really got to lay off the internet!" Saw her again at the same place and yep, fucking Chin-Chan lives in my town. Doesn't matter if you live in butt-fuck nowhere like I do, you can still be a cow.


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My place is kind of close to Staten Island, where A-log lives. And that was the literal interpretation of the title.

I kind of admit, I also had the same tendency to just stroke my dick over over being so much better in comparison to others, and try to look all classy and shit.
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eh tbh it's a mix of Shoe and Doug Walker

in my mid-teens, I was quite similar to Shoe, in how I talked about politics and how she acted, giving off a gross "not like other girls" "Skeptic" sort of vibe, she was a bad influence on me when I was learning more about politics, although now I try to view politics more constructively.

with Doug Walker and Mr Enter, Doug Walker was my introduction to Film Criticism, his videos had taught me a lot about Film, but ever since the whole ChangetheChannel thing happened, I realized how moronic Doug really is.
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It's mostly fatcows: Chantal and Momokun, most of chicks from FA thread, and Marissa from tumblr subforum. I was a lazy bitch, plus because of clinical depression i was a veggie for a few years. Because of that i fucked up my appearence. And here i see cows who did the same to themself, trapped themself in a filth and dirt, some of them doesn't care about it and for some of them it is too late to do something about it. Kinda hits close, yeah
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