Is there a lolcow that hits kind of close to home for you? -

I can't think of any off the top of my head, but every once and a while I'll see one of the truly exceptional furry/brony lolcows and I'm reminded how I used to act in the earlier years of high school. If I hadn't checked out a few 4chan threads about exceptional individuals, I probably would've been one.

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Now that I've gotten older, Anna Kreider (AKA Wundergeek), feels like a reflection. I can relate to her bullied past, not fitting in as a kid, having bitterness and hysterical fits in the past, and problems with anxiety and depression. Not to mention we've both write stuff for table top games.

The difference is that I've gotten the help and medications I need and I actually like gaming and playing mainstream tabletop games (nor am I an SJW). In a way, I could've had a similar hatred towards CIS-men if I had let my bitterness overtake me and had gotten sucked up by SJW propaganda. So in a way she fascinates me as a bit of a dark reflection.

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If I never grew out of my cartoon sperg phase that every middle schooler goes through than I would’ve most likely ended up like DisneyFan01. I created fan fiction for every anime or cartoon I was into and had some self-insert OC’s who I shipped with all my husbandos and seethed whenever a female character stole my man. I even dreamed that I would be Disney’s top animator and have my own show like Kingdom of the Heart or whatever the hell her fanfiction was called. But despite that, I was smart enough to not shriek about it to random people but with my friends.

Fortunately, everyone does something called growing up and looking back at yourself, so fortunately I never got to a point where I was working at a candy store still thinking Disney would hire me.
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I went through a "nice guy" phase in my late teens and early twenties, and I often wonder whether I would have ended up sucked into the incel/manosphere bullshit had a) they had a stronger internet presence at the time and b) I not managed to get laid eventually. I was also into pretty hardcore libertarian politics at the time which seems to be a thing with these people.

But then again proper Cowdom involves not just being an idiot, but also exposing your idiocy to the world over a sustained period of time to the extent that people start to notice. I've never like being the centre of attention, and my self-esteem back then was probably too low to start broadcasting my hangups and spergery all over Youtube even if it had been a thing back then. I don't think I had the delusional narcissism to become a Roosh, a Marjan or a Sargon, and it may be that same self-loathing that kept me away from inceldom - I never thought I was owed sex, in fact I thought I didn't deserve it because I was a horrible untermensch, not because of a femoid conspiracy.

So yeah, moral of the story is that self-hatred can be a force for good.
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The munchies always get to me.
I've got health issues that have fucked me up but I've led a normal life for the most part.
It's been more of an issue for me recently but I try to avoid the munchies for my own sanity.

I started my journey into bullshit at a pretty young age so I haven't really known life without having a diagnosis over my head. Issues in my family were both genetic and environmental so I won the lottery there. But seeing my relatives handle things shaped me too because they didn't handle them well at all.

It's a place of contempt for me so I try to avoid anything with chronic illness. But damn if I don't get curious sometimes...and immediately regret it.

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Honestly? Chris from his middle school era. Right down to the resource room classes and awkward school photos. Plus my grandparents were involved a decent amount in my upbringing so I know the pain of having to live with the elderly during your formative years.

That, and not really bothering with fapping until around 15-16. That's not to say I didn't have sexual urges- I did, I just never had the privacy of spanking the monkey with my room being super tiny with paper thin walls.

Also when he mentioned not being actively social in online games when he commented on a video involving a couple who met through some MMO. I didn't get a gaming-capable PC until I was at least 20.
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I could've so easily been like Lena Dunham, but thankfully my rich parents taught me to value independence and dignified self-reliance. Also, I think being actually diagnosed with stuff made me want to distance myself from the symptoms and recover instead of taking the munchie route of whining about how haaaaard life is and aren't I soooo brave for surviving and wearing a flashy skimpy outfit nobody wants to see me in.

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For me it's probably the nice guys, incels and MGTOW. Tie up some garbage self esteem, probably some 'tism and family issues together and here I am. Here'sthe autistic story of how I delved into all these communities. If you don't understand how anyone could fall into them this will probably help explain it.

Nice guy as teenager to overcompensate for my disgusting looks (fat and skin diseased). End up with deep seated issues about working hard for things because it felt like everything (even outside of relationships) never worked out.

The shift to inceldom in my early twenties. On/off dieting exercise I could never stick with because I'd ruin any chance of a relationship with someone before I even had the chance to lose a good amount of weight. This lead to major depression in a very cyclical manner. I could never fully commit to inceldom because I knew how they viewed and treated women was wrong, their ideas on the looks stuff was what got me interested.

Then I eventually had some girl chase me down. So this girl ended up lying to me about everything she told me to have me interested in her and tried to get me to have sex with her. That whole experience basically shattered my reality, and then I found MGTOW.

Once again I found a group that was almost where I was in my head space. Still a bit too much women hating but, I liked the idea. So for better or for worse, I did incorporate some of their ideas into my own life and I've honestly never been happier.

I don't worry about if someone will ever love me. I don't carry myself to sleep every single night thinking I'm going to be alone forever. I don't piss off my friends with my forever alone bullshitery.

So yeah, those communities really hit close to home for me because I've lived what it takes to be sucked in by them. Now I can laugh at the ones who retardedly post about it online because they're fucking insane lmao.

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Anthony Cumia. I'm just one public utterance of "nigger" away from being holed up in a compound as a social outcast and losing everything.


thank you Dr. Purr, very cool
Sapphire Crimson Claw. She reminds me of myself when I was in junior high and I find myself thinking "oh god, what if I never grew out of it?". And also it makes me so very thankful the internet wasn't really a thing when I was that age.
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Wings for sure. Long story short, I was apart of this group of animators and I annoyed them. I didn’t know I was annoying them, but now I do and I realized I fucked up in creating any connections with them.

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For me it has to be Jahans. Jahans and I are both bongs and once upon a time, I too was a leftist who believed in all the sniveling progressive crap that the BBC pushes. But what got me was the way he treated his parents and how he would snide at the holiday his mum paid for him to go because God forbid leaving the computer chair for five minutes.

But it was mainly the way he believed himself to be some grand artiste just waiting to be discovered and who obviously was not in the same universe as the notion of how talented and intelligent he saw himself to be with a fragile ego.

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Theres alot, but the lolcows proven innocent of what they were accused of hit the hardest.

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Maybe Masaokis. He's gone full feral in the kitchen and sometimes when I start to get brilliant culinary prep ideas I'm reminded of him. I have never defrosted a steak by placing it on toilet paper, on the rim of a dirty toilet, and lighting the toilet paper on fire though, I'm not that far gone.

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CWC himself. I used to have my own actual OC donut steal comics of my friends and I that I thought was hot shit. I always felt socially awkward, like I was acting like him when talking to people. I share his definition of the word naive and also come up with my own "CWCisms" for things in my life. We also share a physical trait (not a bent duck) but I can't go into it without massively powerleveling.

Although I did my comic when I was 11-13 and outgrew a lot of the awkward stuff I still get pangs of shame when seeing him do stuff I used to strongly relate to.
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