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Pre-troon Lord Foxworth was one of my favorites as a teenager because of how well I could relate to him. He constructed this entire bizarro universe full of anime waifus and old tech, and was fully immersed in the past. He dressed like it was 1995, all of his photos looked like they were from 1995, and you could really just tell how alone he was in this weird and isolated world so far away from our own. Loneliness can do a lot to a guy, especially when you're a sperg. You can delude yourself into believing anything, just allowing your hobbies and things to completely consume you if it means numbing the pain of being lonely and socially unacceptable.

I'm a pretty big old tech nerd myself, on top of being a sperg. I get absorbed in my hobbies, often letting my real life fall by the wayside as the outside world becomes more cruel. When I was younger, I even managed to convince myself that I could be happy in a fictional relationship with an anime character. Dark times. That's a delusion you'd really have to experience to understand, man.

At the same time though, ol' Nick reminds me to slam the brakes because anyone who knows him now knows what happened to him. When you spend too much time with a person you learn to dislike them, and spending too much time with yourself is no exception. You sit in your head, you spend all day online, you find yourself in a position that's much like his. You're convinced that you're different because you don't know anyone else. And you wind up hurting others in an effort to feel less alone, and because you're so frustrated by your situation that you lash out.
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Mr. Burgers/Jesse Radin.

We used to be IRL friends from late 2007 to October 2009, then I realized that his autism was getting way out of hand.

He would obsess over a website that I actually went on just to see what it was all about. It is chock full of SJWs, and several people there could actually be lolcows themselves but I'll let you guys decide. Some of the people there were cool though.

He's basically the next mass shooter/rapist waiting to happen. His life closely mirrors Elliott Rodger aka the Supreme Gentleman now that I think of it. His mother reminds me of Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

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The whole MLP fandom still makes me cringe. A lot of stuff happened in my childhood and it left me friendless, depressed, and with severe social anxiety/panic attacks.
A suicide scare later and I was transferred to another school where I isolated myself even further and came across the brony shit in the middle of the first season. I ended up leaning on it for any sort of social interaction, as much as the MLP fandom can be considered.

Thankfully, I broke free of that shit after attending a Meetup and realizing I could still fix my shit before becoming what I witnessed. A few people there, in retrospect, were likely just shy of minor lolcow status considering they drew some disgusting stuff.

Now I am a normal maladjusted retard instead of a pony-loving maladjusted retard.


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Weirdly, for me it is Onision.

And it is the part of his early YouTube career and first wife Skye.

Greg was an idiot but at the time he could have stopped and grown up a bit.

To you guys it might sound silly but in 2005-2009, Onision had a life that I would wish to have.

Making money off YouTube, being married to a nice wife(Skye really did seem like the sweetest of all the girls), and just being able to have fun.

Obviously if I had a YouTube channel my content wouldn’t be retarded LOL SO RANDOM crap like his, but just the thought of that life, seems very comfy and the fact that he threw it away to start preying on young girls and caused problems for himself that fed his ego and stupidity is very frustrating.

Onion was always stupid, he had this crap coming to him and there is nothing you can do to change him. If Onion wasn’t such an asshat he might have been still married to Skye and had a comfortable life. You would think someone who was in his position would be more appreciative of what he had but that’s just how some people are.

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For me it's Foxworth. Partly for his obsession with Nichijou and vintage computers. Partly of his decent "creative" work on youtube, reminding me of similar offbeat artists like Chriddof or Ben Wheelie. I was sad when he was revealed to be a grooming troon.

edit: I just noticed he was mentioned before for similar reasons lol
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I can identify certain negative traits that I have in common with him, and I think my personal life could be just as bad as his if I had less self awareness and had not put effort into improving myself. His tendency to avoid taking any personal responsibility for the state of his life especially.
The guy has had every possible chance and he continually screws up because of his attitude. It's as much sad as it is funny to me because of that.


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From the moment I discovered him I saw so much of myself in him,and not in a good way. Like while my house is nowhere near as filthy as 14 branchland court, and I'm not ever trooning out I was barley making ends meet doing odd jobs and spending most of my time at home doing nothing when I wasn't. Chris was a big reality check for me I started going to a job placement service at the DMV and finally landed a lucritive and steady employment unlike him my life actually IS getting better. : )

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I have two.

Andrew Dobson reminds me a lot of what I was like in my late teens when I was trying to get into webcomics. I hated any negative feedback, always registering it as a personal attack, though I'd keep my mouth shut and not respond no matter how much I wanted to 'correct' the other person. I can see myself having stories like his if I had gotten famous around that time.

The other is Linkara. So I have high functioning Aspergers and for the past ten years I've mostly been normal, but in high school I was almost exactly like him. That smug, lecturing, superior tone in arguments, yelling instead of making good points, and of course writing stories that were complete rip offs of other media with myself as a Mary Sue. But I didn't really like those parts of myself, so I worked hard to remove them and kind of did. I'm much better than I was before.

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Bronies that very clearly had a normal life before MLP entered their lives.

An old friend from high school had tried to get me into the whole brony thing when it first took off. I humored him and watched some episodes, thought that it was a competent cartoon for the intended audience but it wasn't really my thing and I had told him as much. He was nonplussed about that, but kept trying. He descended into this kind of obsessive behavior trying to get me to like MLP that culminated in him sneaking me little plastic ponies into my backpack and talking to me about his OC fan characters.
Eventually I cut off contact because getting branded as a pony weirdo in high school wasn't a good thing for a kid like me who already had enough of the usual nerd stigma following him.


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There have been a few cows that make me think "oh, that's me if I took 'thing x' and decided to crank my interest in it to 11. I'm glad I didn't do that."

Examples: I like to write. The characters help me understand my own machinations.

Crank it up to 11: some people claim they channel their story book characters as spirits from other dimensions, and want said alternate dimensions to merge with ours.

I like to play videogames.

Crank it up to 11: play videogames 8 hours a day to a live audience and live your life around that for a decade or more. For fun, have some gout with that.

I like food.

Crank it up to 11: become hundreds of pounds overweight and do mukbang videos for creepy feeders on the internet. OR make terrible cooking shows and hope you don't burn water you inept boomer.

Unlike Cosmo/ Narcissa Wright I’m not a crazy trans soy elemental but I didn’t do too good in university and the stress of senior year drove me a bit wacky last year so I can empathise with his mindset after getting BTFO at spedrunning and basically having the quarter life crisis to end all quarter life crises, albeit sans the trooning out.
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ForeverKailyn. I used to buy tons of makeup I didn’t need and I relied on my parents for money/food/shelter. I managed to get myself out of that hole and it scares me that if I didn’t have the motivation to make a living for myself, I’d be in a similar position that she’s in.

William Usher and his tamer version Pete Davison. Both in their diehard need for approval for their weeb tastes. Except their weeb tastes is following shitty obscure borderline ecchi games but having bofchfits when a normal person who dont revolve their lives around it slams it for it being overpriced shit. One has twitter meltdowns, the other writes autist essays to justify EVERYTHING and desperately seeks validation but no critcism allowed.


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Terry Davis in a small way. I'll tell you why I felt sympathetic towards him.

Back in the day I used to go to music festivals, specifically trance music festivals. At those gatherings I used to do ecstasy. Well, in the year of our lord 2013, we had to get it from a bloke we didnt know. It looked legit, tasted legit and felt legit... for about half an hour.

I found myself in a 4 day state of psychosis. It was the most horrible feeling I've ever felt and I will not wish it on anybody (maybe except Yaniv).

Imagine being 100% convinced that the cops were out to get you and throw your ass in "get raped by Bubbah" prison. Just KNEW that everybody around you is a cop watching you - even your best friends. I was certain that every car I saw in traffic was tailing me, every grandma in the laundromat was an undercover in disguise and every ankle-biting porch shitter was a sniffer dog. It was 4 days of hell. Almost killed myself. I never touched any of that shit since.

I really felt sorry for Terry, because where I almost didn't survive a few days it, I can only imagine a lifetime of watching out for CIA niggers.

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Any Troon lolcow probably - or 'just' trans. I honestly don't know how it would have developed since I never went down that path.

A lot of their pre-'they've gone completely insane' thoughts and posts kinda hits home with thoughts I had in my teens. Basically: Wanting to belong somewhere. Not really belonging anywhere no matter how much I tried. Feeling like I am in the wrong body or just a 'wrong' person as a result of that.

If my parents weren't conservative in that regard and took those 'phases' or 'character traits' in my teens completely seriously, I'd be the opposite gender by now and probably completely miserable. Because the issue laid somewhere else completely - not in what I had and still have between my legs.