Is there a lolcow that hits kind of close to home for you? -

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I can't pinpoint any cows exactly, but tumblrcows and drama-inclined artcows make me especially grateful that I hit a point where I was absolutely mortified at my online footprint, cleant it up as much as possible, and resolved to largely STFU. Turns out getting far too invested in dumb shit while being prone to massive spergouts and doing even dumber shit under the pretense of it "being funny" is no way to spend worryingly large amounts of time (or get dopamine hits).

ETA: Kevin Gibes/TransSalamander is the first cow in a pretty long time to terrify me on an existential level, though. There’s something too real yet hard to wrap my head around someone living at the complete ass-end of humanity harder than legitimately-disabled sex weirdo cows. It’s like he’s so dead inside I’m feeling it secondhand or something.
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Terry Davis in a small way. I'll tell you why I felt sympathetic towards him.

Back in the day I used to go to music festivals, specifically trance music festivals. At those gatherings I used to do ecstasy. Well, in the year of our lord 2013, we had to get it from a bloke we didnt know. It looked legit, tasted legit and felt legit... for about half an hour.

I found myself in a 4 day state of psychosis. It was the most horrible feeling I've ever felt and I will not wish it on anybody (maybe except Yaniv).

Imagine being 100% convinced that the cops were out to get you and throw your ass in "get raped by Bubbah" prison. Just KNEW that everybody around you is a cop watching you - even your best friends. I was certain that every car I saw in traffic was tailing me, every grandma in the laundromat was an undercover in disguise and every ankle-biting porch shitter was a sniffer dog. It was 4 days of hell. Almost killed myself. I never touched any of that shit since.

I really felt sorry for Terry, because where I almost didn't survive a few days it, I can only imagine a lifetime of watching out for CIA niggers.
Holy shit, what about your friends? Did any of them take it? What happened? Do you have any clue even what that was?


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Moviebob for me, because I feel like I could have turned out like him. I used to be religiously devoted to mario around the age of 9-11. Being devoted to defending the honor of video games (and also not branching out much) obviously didn't make me very popular. It was around this time that I also was into that "xd im such a nerd" culture, I even liked the Big Bang Theory. I also always acted like I was smarter then everyone else (when my grades were above average at best), and was a real pretentious, smug prick. It wasn't until the 9th grade that I wizened up and realized I should stfu.

Also Sammyclassicsonicfan to a degree-because that might have been what I was like of I was given a youtube channel during my aforementioned bing bing wahoo phase.

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What an absolute travesty.
Any cow that is similar to Chris, because they're like an anti-role model, they give you something you don't WANT to be, to strive away from. These are also not the cows I actually poke fun at, I mostly feel disappointment, if anything, that their circumstances aren't better. Most of them could at least improve with the right medication so it saddens me to watch people with severe mental illness just left to flounder around haplessly in the world.

On the total end of the spectrum, abusive cows akin to Onision are the other ones. I just got away from people who are similar to Onision (though on a smaller scale ofc), so yeah. Everyone hates Onision that isn't groomed into his cult, but these ones actually a-log him in their Discord servers because they are similar to Onision themselves.

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It would have to be Onision, since it was during the LeafyIsHere YouTube demonetization period.
It’s pretty fascinating, though disappointing, to see some of the creators like him, h3h3 and idubbbztv turn into the people that they hate the most.


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A lot of the mid 2000's lolcows hit close to me and showed me that I must develop self-awareness and the ability to absolutely roast myself. Like, that no matter what I couldn't end up crazy and deluded like they are. Also to never feed trolls.

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So I feel like a lot of us, for one reason or another, came here because we found ourselves drawn to a particular person-of-interest whether it be to ridicule them or because we, for better or for worse, see a little bit of ourselves in them. So I figured this would be a good thread for the braver of us to admit which cows we can relate to, if only slightly.

For me it’s probably just the ineptitude of YandereDev and DSP. I’m not a techie, but I fucking struggle more than I reasonably should with basic editing projects and generally half-assing things. If I ever started an LP channel, I’d probably fuck up just as royally as Phil.

Alex I feel slightly bad for because I look similar to him, but the fucker is rich and could easily solve at least 40% of his appearance problems with a gym membership/good diet/fashion sense. Also I suck at programming.


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It'd probably have to be DSP, for better or worse. Apart from power level reasons of sharing a first name and age, we share similar hobbies and sociability. He's just all the dark shit that I could have been, but somehow he manages to have an audience that even though is laughable compared to his ego and reliance on streaming as an income I wouldn't mind having as I would like to get in to streaming myself (I got some simple equipment at one point to start up, was working on making social media accounts to get an audience, the whole thing and then freaked myself out about it). Also Terry Davis, even though I haven't looked much about him on the site itself all I've seen is his Down The Rabbit Hole episode and that bummed me out enough about the guy, for the slight power level reasoning of we share a diagnosis.


Terry A. Davis. I still remember his quote about the bird in front of the computer.

Terry A. Davis is the lolcow who brought me to the forum. Terry taught me the lesson that while someone can say terrible things that you don't like, they can still have an amazingly valuable soul. And if we ever think a person is dispensable, we need to think twice.
Glad to hear your relative is doing well, by the way.

For me, the one who really hits home is Amy Ramadan. Seeing someone be so cavalier about her kids and her weird adoption...I feel like she's openly mean to them and, for me, that hits home. It's something I think about that sticks with me, sometimes.

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A link in Yaniv's thread on the other farms brought me here and after reading a few of the threads, I can't say as any of them "hit close to home" per se but Terry A. Davis is one that always makes me kinda sad. As entertaining as his thread is, it's at least as often saddening. A mind like that, bent out of shape by mental illness is a hell of a thing to observe. I'll admit to having a soft spot for Abby Brown, too; she seems like a mostly well-intentioned (if a little, well, dumb) autist, just prone to horribly bad choices.


Any lolcow that is autistic. Like. Legitimately has a diagnosis of autism.
I think it's sad whenever we see an autistic person troon out because they were misled by the trans ideology about feeling like a certain gender.

I think this forum is the only place I've found anyone referencing a connection between autism and troonism.

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I think it's sad whenever we see an autistic person troon out because they were misled by the trans ideology about feeling like a certain gender.

I think this forum is the only place I've found anyone referencing a connection between autism and troonism.
And yet, once you see that connection, it becomes easier and easier to spot. It's so shitty.