Is there a lolcow that hits kind of close to home for you? -


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Unfortunately I identify to many of the fattys that say their gonna get skinnier, change their diet for about 48 hours, then go back to junk. I truly don't want to be this way. I'm not nearly as big as anyone one on here but it still sucks feeling unhealthy.
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I made a thread on anonymous-asexual a while back and honestly, I despise her so much because I was a queeroid artist as well back in the day. Looking back on all of it makes me squirm. The fucking cognitive dissonance.
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Name a tranny cow. Any tranny cow, but especially Jazz. I was on TV a lot when I was younger, though never more than famous at the state level. I'd had dinner in the Governor's mansion, shook hands with Dave Vitter, and spent a lot of time in front of cameras. Combine that with my near-miss with trannyism and... yeah.


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Dobson scared the crap out of me, the though of being middle aged, with an art education and still drawing like a teenager and being mocked for it was always terrifying.

artcows in general i'd say. The first site i actually made an account on was Deviantart and i guess i was very lulzy in my late teens animu and melodic goth phase. Witchblr is also a fun thread for me because i was very into fantasy, mythology, spoopy paranormal stuff . I actually know how to read the tarot pretty darn well although mine is more of an academic type of curiosity, i don't actually believe i can summon greek gods, or think i am magical, i just like the psychology aspect of it but i have known people who do.