Is there a lolcow that hits kind of close to home for you? -

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I used to be really self-destructive. I did some bad things that could've gotten me in trouble.
But then I grew out of it. I wasn't gonna be no fucking loveshy peace of shit.
Most cows never grew out of their edgy phase. I did. Every day of my life, when I look at Chris I'm reminded of myself.
It's scary.:powerlevel:

Chris definitely. When I heard about when his father bribed people in his high school to be friends with him and the fact that most people barely tolerate/made fun of him, I am reminded of my times in Middle and High School. They both sucked, but at least I had friends (although most of them were older than me) despite me acting like a socially awkward and angry weirdo. But just...hearing that made me feel for his forever loneliness.

Also if I believed all of the bullshit on tumblr/college, I would have become a SJW.

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Winning life's lottery.
Wizards mostly, not that I ever aware of wizards before here. I know I'd never have gotten out of it either if the other lads in the apprenticeship hadn't asked me to go out for a night either. Having spent pretty much my entire life in my bedroom, going to a nightclub for the first time was literally one of the best nights of my entire life. Stopped being too lazy to go to the barbers, stopped letting my nails get too long, got contact lenses, bought a few Ralph polo-shirts - new man.

Channeled sluthate a few times too and only once with any kind of actual provocation.


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A lot of the tumblr SJW/otherkin cows. I was very nearly sucked into that subculture myself--it's really toxic and oppressive, and I honestly feel sorry for a lot of them because once you're in, it's almost impossible to get out again. I think I'm lucky in that I am usually quite neutral in how I portray myself online so was never fully "accepted" into the SJ crowd since I refused to be aggressive about things that were "OMG SO IMPORTANT IF YOU DON'T REBLOG I CAN'T FEEL SAFE AROUND U".
But there was a dark time in my life recently where I was feeling really bad about myself and not sure how to define my identity, and one of my otherkin "friends" tried to manipulate me into their community to "help" me, even trying to nudge me toward certain characters to be "kin" with and insisting I might already be kin without noticing... weird shit like that. It really messed with my head and scared the hell out of my partner, and it was also the moment when I realised I just couldn't be neutral on stuff like that any more and woke the hell up. Part of the reason I wanted to join the Farms was to meet people who weren't afraid to call this sort of thing out, but it's still kind of scary to think that some of us could have taken a totally different path in our internet lives. :(


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A lot of the tumblr SJW/otherkin cows. I was very nearly sucked into that subculture myself--it's really toxic and oppressive, and I honestly feel sorry for a lot of them because once you're in, it's almost impossible to get out again.
It's super easy to get out of a cult, at least the kind that doesn't actually murder you for doing it. Just leave. They like making it seem more difficult, but it isn't actually.


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It is physically easy but psychologically difficult
Mm, yeah, this was more what I meant. For me it wasn't like this--once I realised I was just like "fuck this shit I'm out" and that was that--but for some of these people, who spend all their time online and don't have any other social circle, that seems to become their whole world. I think a lot of them are there because they feel like nobody IRL likes them or listens to them, and then their buddies online are all like "you're exactly right AND ALSO EVERYONE ELSE YOU KNOW IS A TRANSPHOBIC SHITLORD so this is your only safe space! uwu" For people who are already socially isolated I think it would be very difficult to break away, even if they knew it was for their own good (as I think a lot of them do, deep down).
I just feel bad for them, even the jerk ones sometimes, because it didn't have to be this way and now it's a waste of time trying to convince them otherwise.

I'd have to say tumblr lolcows as well. I was thankfully too old for a lot of the dumber tumblrina antics by the time tumblr had replaced LiveJournal, so I never quite drank the kool-aid in the time I used the site. If I was my awkward depressed fifteen-year-old self here in 2015, though, I probably would fall hook line and sinker for Tumblr's anxiety-coddling identity politics shit, and that honestly kind of scares me. I used to have that spoiled entitled attitude that a lot of tumblrinas have, and the obsession with fantasy and trying to be something fictional because real life wasn't satisfying and I ~always felt different~. I even had a proto-SJW phase back before tumblr when the movement was smaller and slightly less crazy, but I thankfully snapped out of it when a) I realized that my bullshit was making me even more of an outcast and b) I went to college and was forced to grow up a bit.

I'm starting to see friends of mine who are still on tumblr gradually become more tumblr-esque and social justice-ey, even people I used to laugh at that shit with. Every time I consider trying tumblr again I hesistate because I remember that most of the people I used to follow I probably wouldn't want to follow any more.
I have personally gone back to Tumblr, but I am reminded too much of my SJW phase when I go there. (I never really reblogged SJW posts, but I did agree with SJW's back in the day.)

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Probably Chris, but not for me but rather a family member.
Obviously they were never as extreme as him, but I could really see something similar to Chris happening if the parents in question hadn't have gotten a lot firmer.

A lot of Chris's, and a fair few lolcows in general, issues stem from the fact that their parents were lazy and cowardly as fuck and simply didn't do their job properly.


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Anyone who obsesses over any kind of media far too much... Everyday, I'm learning and seeing for myself just how alienating and embarrassing it is to associate with, or worse, be like these kinds of people who can't keep their shit to themselves.


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The "game developer" lolcows hit close to home because they remind me of mistakes I've often made in my small developments, even if I haven't taken them to their level of 'tism.


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Pixy and tumblr snowflakes (especially the edgelord ones). I can't bring myself to be too hard on them, because I understand where they're coming from more than I'd like to. It's the obsession with the idea that if you become super special and kawaii, you'll automatically become a more valuable human being.

I think a lot of girls who are kind of socially awkward and unfulfilled irl start to think like that. (I think loveshies are the male equivalent?) Because you're so out of touch with what other people actually value in others, you start to get the idea that if you can only construct the "right" identity, everyone will automatically love you and fawn over you. Basically, you start trying to make yourself into an irl cute anime girl (or just declare yourself one, if you're a tumblrite), because you think that's the way to make people admire you.

Like, this is the only way I can explain it: Say you're at the scene of a terrible car crash. Two people were killed, and their bodies are lying in the road. You don't know anything about either of them, except that to judge by their clothing, one looks like she was an ordinary soccer mom and the other was what Pixy aspires to: this beautiful young woman wearing a perfect gothic lolita outfit and super unique and cool accessories. When I was 19, I had a sincere belief that anyone who found themselves in that situation would look at the dead soccer mom and think, "Oh well, whatever, there's like a million more of them," but would look at the dead gothic lolita girl and think, "She was such a unique and awesome person; this is terrible; we'll never see another one like her." When that's your sincere belief, the idea of being "ordinary" becomes terrifying, like something that will literally take away your soul.