Is there a lolcow that hits kind of close to home for you? -


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I was on Tumblr for ages, and reasonably highly followed, but I barely ran into all the Vadeish shit. If I had, I dunno.. I'm not sure I would've had the forcefulness to stand against the crowd, if the crowd were fuckwits.
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I had a guy in my class as a kid that was somewhat like CWC (autistic), but also way thinner. He was really into Yu Gi-oh, etc. He could also blow up at random moments when "triggered" enough, & he also lived in a rundowned house filled with shit & cats. His parents was a bit "off" too (His mom was also fat).
I think he does alot of cosplays now days...

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One of my closest friends is slowly becoming a lesser lolcow, so basically every SJW she quotes or links on her facebook hits me hard because they're undoing years of self-confidence building and social development, while turning her against all of her former friends (like me).

These people aren't terrible for what they do, they're terrible for taking advantage of the vulnerable by giving them "easy answers"


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Kylie Brooks, one giant lesson in how not to deal with disability. It's easy to be a sour bastard when you're surrounded by people who can do all the things you can't, in a world that's much harder for you to access (and he can leave his home, socialise and study - he's lucky). But being a sour bastard is the best way to ensure you'll stay alone and unhappy. It's as though he's trying to be relevant somewhere, anywhere, and he's found a niche where people won't argue with him because he's disabled, black, :tumblr: gender etc.

Also, I'll bet he hasn't done dalek/Capt Pike impressions in his wheelchair, cos he appears to have had a sense of humour bypass. Shame. They're fun to do.

Chris Chan is for me a dark dirty reflection. I was that cringy girl back then in Middle and High school, I had some kind of ''gal pals'' mandated by the school who unsucessfully tried to made me into more sociable, I used to throw tamtrums and cried when i failed my exams in the classroom, I didn't stand that people called me gay( i was a tomboy), and I even sang in front of my classmates as a plan to make friends (it was a very stupid moment which I am deeply ashamed ). My social life was almost dead despite of having a best and only friend (thanks Maria), and the worst thing is that I thought that nothing of it was wrong.
I discovered CWC back in my senior year, I was horrified and it hitted me like a brick, it was a slap to bring me back to reality, I dind't wanted to become him so I made drastic changes, I learned to tame my anger issues and that I wasn't no special snowflake. I ended highschool, for now I can say that my social skills have become better, I am searching for a job and I have very good grades now in College.
Another one is the right-winged crazy people, I used to have very extreme ideas about race, nation and LGBT, in fact I was a very racist person, but I met some people and they changed all my views, I learned that everyone, no matter race, gender or sexuality, have his own lifes and thoughts and nobody is more great for having a thing that you can't change.


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The whole Loveshy subforum hits way, way too close to home sometimes...

Like, not the actual loveshy part, I'm actually a pu$$y destroyer, but the angry NEET who spends his days tapping away at a computer all day. IDK why, but I feel really bad for those people, I could see myself becoming like that one day.
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Vegan Ginger and the Slatons, i'm into food and exercise and health and it just scares me how they're both the extremes of these things, just at the opposite ends. Kinda ties with insecurities about body and look and all that.

Also the more fan brattish lolcows like Disneyfan and the tumblrinas etc. i get kinda annoying with media/movies/characters/fandoms at times and it's always sorta a creepy thing when you get too extreme about it. i try to keep it more subdued and focus more on my own original shit, though. like incorporating elements of fiction that i like onto my stories/characters or art. it's much more relaxing and rewarding.

Anything else could fit any other lolcow: insecurities about work, college, feeling of not fitting in...

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All far-right and Dark Enlightenment lolcows.

Some powerleveling: As a devoted religious person (and admittedly, an ardent monarchist), I am consequently made aware how easily the slide from "Gentle Traditionalist" and "Strong Government" can be made to "Authoritarian" and "Fascist Dickface." I have to constantly watch myself to make sure I am not making a huge ass of myself, and these people sometimes help me, mostly in the way that they remind me that just I because I might actually be doing something, or be lucky enough to be a subject of a monarchy, doesn't mean I can't be just as out-of-touch with reality on a day-to-day basis and the actual human needs of individuals. Also by demonstrating to me that I am not part of some of political or intellectual elite, but just a random asshole who can be reasonably ridiculed, like anyone else.

tl;dr: I am a massive old-Europe faggot whose white aristocratic privileges will one day end in fire at the stakes of our new SJW overlords.

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Chris is probably the biggest faggot in the world. Although we do have a few things in common; unemployed, autistic, live with parents; I'm better than him in a lot of ways.

First of all my dad is still alive. Also he only worked at Wendy's for like 2 months before getting fired. I worked at my day program's workshop for almost 5 months before they put me back in the regular program, so there's that. I also never shit myself, unless I'm really drunk.


For me, the tumblr subforum. I used to drink some of that Kool-Aid, partially cuz of an ex, partially cuz I was just a stupider person back in the day. Never went full exceptional individual, but hey I almost did. Glad I surround myself w/ the kinds of people who knock some sense back into me when I do stupid shit.

On another level there's... Dobson. Not so much because of myself, but because I could see my sister slowly transform into him, because there are... uncanny resemblances... She's an animator, but refuses to draw or animate anything on her own time, and when she does its almost always lesbians. She, like Dobslob, has this strange fixation on fictional lesbians, but probably more so cuz tumblr tells her to and not like Dobson's sick fetish. My sister also lacks an original bone in her body: She wants to be a project leader, but nearly all of her writing ideas are unoriginal, and heavily derivative, and not in a good way.
She occasionally whines about depression and shit but refuses to get help when you confront her about (I suspect she just says it to me for the attention, because she NEVER mentions it to our parents, who are the type to MAKE us do something if we need the help) and when you ask her about drawing she says she doesn't have time/motivation... despite pissing away pay on a shiny new toy every month and having plenty of time for those, and begging me to play my copy of Fallout 4.
She manages to hold down a job for now, but she refuses to take it into her own hands to improve her animations on her own time so she can get a better gig. She talks about how she could be internet famous, yet refuses to create an online presence (I shit you not she doesn't even use a DA account) outside of tumblr. I tell her that she isn't doing herself any favors since she's 10 years late on the internet animation scene, especially since YouTube isn't profitable for animators any more; she tells me to shut up, and how much of a big meanie I am. The saddest part of all is that she's my family, I WANT her to succeed; unlike like Dobson who I'm more than willing to point and laugh it, and watch crash and burn.

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I used to follow Chris happenings back on the CWCki, back around the time he was trying to get girlfriends on Flipnote Hatena. For the longest time, his story was a bit of a cautionary tale to me - a story of what one's life could become without the ability to take responsibility for one's actions, surrounded by nothing but enablers. I didn't think anyone would ever really top him in that regard.

Then, I found Phil Burnell.

Phil, to me, is just like Chris - extremely incompetent, with a massive ego, and completely unable to accept responsibility for his own faults. However, Phil didn't have the excuse of an enabling family like Chris. Phil (to my knowledge) doesn't even have autism to use as an excuse. Phil has had every chance to succeed (and for a short while, actually did through the abuse of a youtube search bug), and yet he's pissed away each one through his own bullheadedness and retardation - no Rocky or Snorlax to pin it all on. He's a retard of his own free will, and to me, that's twice as depressing.

TL;DR - DSP is what would've happened if Chris' goatee video was true, and he still ended up a lolcow afterward anyway.

Chloe Sagal's rants remind me of those times when something is making me angry in real life and I end up shouting on the Internet as a result.

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I've talked about Roger in the Personal Lolcows section and when he was temporarily working in recycling, his anger started getting worse. And it reminded me of my own major anger issues as a teenager. As a bullied, autistic, social pariah I had major feelings of anger and frustration. Thankfully, I had faith, medications, my parents getting real with me when I hit a major low and getting into a more grown-up environment helped me. In a way, Roger is a bit of a reflection of my own anger.


This person.

I've been following her for years now so I was there when she was caught tracing and I ended up disliking her webcomic "Faithful Hearts" after realizing it was Kingdom Hearts with Marina in place of Sora (not that Kingdom Hearts is any better nowadays). Over the years she's really turned things around and is all the better for it. Her art has gotten better since she's stopped tracing and the changes she's made to her webcomic are all for the better and it inspires me to do better and hone my craft!