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Is there a natural tendency for cows to cross over?

Discussion in 'Lolcow General' started by Dentontx, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. So I'm checking in with one of my own personal cows yesterday, specifically looking in on his Pinboard, where I go to get early warning of the topics he later on massively spergs about on his blog. And what do I find there of all things but a link to @Null's page on Jonathan Yaniv?

    For a moment it felt like all my worlds were collapsing. Given how big the internet is, given how big the world is, how does it come to pass that the one twisted ball of seething marginal nerdhate I follow just happened to develop an interest in another one of society's fucked-up no-hopers?

    Then I remembered it wasn't even the first time, that this cow had previously also posted a link to an article about Paul Stef-On-Knee Wolscht. And that's when I began to wonder if there isn't some natural tropism or force of cowular attraction?

    Chris attracts Kengle and the Chris and Kengle bolus attracts Phil. Phil himself sucked in (heh) Toren. Terra Jones drifted into orbit around NekoArc (and so did Phil for that matter). There are dozens more non-trooning examples. Will we eventually witness the Twilight of the Cows, when they all glom together in one infinitely hot and dense wad of autism and failure?
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    Dentontx True cousin of Sir Jesus Christ

  2. As much as I'd love to see, say Dobson and Chris get into a war against BenTheLooney or Shadman over art or the two Phils trying to out-degenerate and self-pity themselves. I doubt that'll happen unless fate decides that something big brings all the cows together.
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    Jewelsmakerguy (Cheesy 80s music intensifies)

  3. I like to think the reason cows crossover so often is that the number of insane users congregated on the internet isn't as many as it seems. They're loud, and obnoxious, and annoying, but they tend to stick to the same social circles and the same politics in a borderline cult. It's pretty natural for them to cross paths when their interests convene in so many ways (troonism, video games, anime, all of the above?). I also believe with the rise in KF's popularity they're starting to convene into an 'us vs them' mentality, which as we all know will never work with their tendency to eat their own. Of course, this doesn't apply to alt right cows, but there are less of those in general.
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    Cho Chan

    Cho Chan jesus tryna take th wheel but i wanna keep sinning
    True & Honest Fan

  4. Yes. Cows are herd animals.
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  5. Game recognizes game.
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    Salubrious Feelin' Healthy

  6. Autism is like a stand power. It only creates trouble for the user and always attracts other autists.
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    deodorant more so prone to the autism

  7. Looks in Channel Awesome's direction...

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    The Shadow

    The Shadow Rapping genie with attitude

  8. There’s a lot of crossover between lots of cows depending on their hobbies and lifestyle. For instance, Chantel and ALR both do mukbangs on YouTube and are deathfats with a love for drama. As predicted, they have crossed paths and know about each other. Same can be said for Contrapoints and Lindsey Ellis for their love of social justice. Many cows do crossover with each other, but there has to be something in common.
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    JambledUpWords Gorl who loves orange chicken

  9. Yeah 100% sometimes people just always seem to go with the people most similar in positive ways or even conflicting ways, the best way you put it is there is a "cowular force".

    RavenSykes.Light The Troll that Keeps on Trolling

  10. I've been harping at it for a bit but I want to see Tommy Tooter and ADF meet up; it'd be a match is lolcow heaven.

    MasterDisaster Back in the Stone Age.
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