Is there any profession worse than journalism? - Who would you set on first first, a journalist or a paedophile?

Mr. Brown

Jan 9, 2019
After seeing that our dear leader Null was in the news again it got me thinking about how much of a low life you would have to be to become a journalist.

This article is nothing more than low tier activism to try and take down a website for internet points.
Cloudflare did not immediately respond to Motherboard's request for comment.
This article was not even written to be read, there's nothing interesting about it.

This latte drinking cum guzzling waste of skin of a writer wrote this merely to put pressure on Cloudflare to take down a website they don't like.

This is the exact sort of thing people hate about journalists.

So I ask you, the men and women of logic and reason... Is there any profession worse than journalism?

Because at this point I think if ISIS switched targets and just took care of the likes of Vice I would probably cheer them on.


True & Honest Fan
Sep 7, 2016
Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

Because you need actual journalists who aren't monkeys on type writers.

90% of "journalists" these days are glorified bloggers. There are still fantastic journalists out there who investigate important matters, liaise with whistleblowing associations and media outlets for those who can't lobby on their own behalf, subject matter experts, translation experts etc.

There are people who actually follow morals and ethics. You have to remember that there's a distinction between mainstream, online-always "news" and actual news.

Since Byuu's bullshit "death", none of these outlets have chased it up to find out if he's actually dead, when he died, how etc. None of these outlets have confirmed jackshit. Is that actually journalism? No.

Conflating all journalists to Vice News is just as stupid as saying all doctors know nothing because Tony Fauci is a lying hack fraud. Or all apples taste bad because you ate one rotten apple.

Mister Qwerty
Apr 11, 2018
Worst profession in the United States?



Three Time Survivor of the Rona Jab
May 30, 2013
I poke people with needles and charge them $30 just for the poke alone. All of those lab tests are like well over $100 a pop.