Is Tom Actually Trans? -

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Having followed the Tooter saga with interest, I have seen this thought debated on at length throughout many threads. Including a thread that attempted to figure out what "trans" actually meant.

But for all that, there has never been a thread dedicated to the very specific overriding question. Is Tom actually Trans? I would argue, based on what I know about it, that no. No he is not.

IMO Tom is in fact a Narcissist and most likely also a sociopath. He clearly has a high opinion of himself as he is now, and couples that with an explosive desire to destroy anyone who dares challenge him in any way. This clashes hard with what constitutes traditional dysphoria and transsexual identity. Desperate loners, depressed, borderline suicidal at times. People absolutely DESPERATE to fit in. Just not in a way that their biological gender allows them too. Tom by contrast happily puts on a wig and then demands people adore him for it. He puts no effort into it and by all accounts has done nothing but taking hormones and testosterone blockers.

Which is the other red flag. Most MtF trans take chemicals that in essence castrate them. Their sex drive is suppressed and they also become emotionally volatile in a way that is amusing to us observers but is apparent is not in any way driven by their desire to fuck. Tom by contrast seems to persist in his creepy and deviant sexual desires.

It all paints a picture of a MAN with issues. But none of those issues is actually dysphoria.

Tom said previously that he was trans because he can get away with more as a "female". This is obvious because he only uses it as a weapon to score social justice points and doesn't even try to live or act as a woman.

I think his actual statement was something about it being a better "hustle".


1. "trans" is so diluted that it doesn't mean anything now (see below). If we mean "transgender" it doesn't have any real meaning. If we mean "transsexual" some use it as a medical term and in the international classification of diseases it's a disease and by definition it doesn't apply if someone never sought medical help:

2. "intersex" he's not. Those are children born with "complicated" genital organs and you can't really say if it's a boy or a girl and a lot of testing needs to be done because there are all kinds of strange things, "girls" in which testicles are found inside the abdomen, "boys" whose balls "didn't come down" but are actually girls because the "testicles" that are "up" are actually ovaries and what is closed should be open, etc. etc. These are fairly rare things - 1 in 4500 are born with genital organs that need further testing and note that "futher testing" doesn't mean we don't find out and they get all kinds of problems at puberty because the "wrong" hormones flare up. Mr Pervert had females (including a minor girl) and did all kinds of stuff which untreated intersex would not do.

whether "trans" or not it's really irrelevant as whether trans or not (and it's not a medical term) he is a dirty old man who thinks little girls can have sex and who wanked dogs and who thinks he's inhabited by spirits. If he thinks he's a woman because he wears a wig, then he's a delusional old man etc. which makes it worse.

See below for nice references and definitions from medical books :-)


"trans"(-gender) and "trans"(-sexual) are

"cultural and descriptive terms, not diagnostic terms, which are specific to medical and pathology-based paradigms."

"Transgender" is used like this (but again it's ***not*** used medically):

"Umbrella term that is used to describe individuals with gender diversity; it includes individuals whose gender identity is different from their birth-assigned sex and/or whose gender expression does not fall within stereotypical definitions of masculinity and femininity; "transgender" is used as an adjective ("transgender people"), not a noun ("transgenders")."

And "transsexual" is this:

"Older, clinical term that has fallen out of favor; historically, it was used to refer to transgender people who sought medical or surgical interventions for gender affirmation."

and "gender diversity" is this:

"Variation from the cultural norm in gender identity, expression, or gender role behavior (eg, in choices of toys, playmates); "gender diversity" acknowledges the spectrum of gender identities and replaces "gender nonconformity," which has negative and exclusionary connotations"

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Blin it is good.
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He just jumped aboard the troon train to try to get some ass.

And failed, epically. He tried dating a FtM and when they met IRL, they fucking booked it away from Tommy, cause he lied about his appearance. Tommy also lost his apartment in Arizona cause the dumbass thought his landlords would use his deposit while he went to chase other transsexuals.

Sexy Senior Citizen

Fuck it's you I hate the most
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He just jumped aboard the troon train to try to get some ass.
Like the time he thought he was gonna get some, bought a few cucumbers, and walked around town at night until he realized he was being trolled.
You think he's just pulling a Chris (Or since he did it first, Chris pulling a Tommy) Trooning out for china?
Chris trooned out for a lot of reasons, china being only one of them. Tommy did it because, well, I'll let the man himself explain:
Tommy Tooter said:
i'm feeling like a really sly bitch knowing i'm going to get my way a lot easier with boobs than anything else i've ever tried. money doesn't rule the world. tits, ass, pussy, fuck me hairstyles and paint jobs rule the world.
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