Is Tom Actually Trans? -

Mariposa Electrique

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Lying and/or delusional. If he were really diagnosed he would have offered proof by now.
It's just like how he always mentions being "Intersex" despite never mentioning an actual condition because he knows that none of them coincide with a being a fat, bald pedophile/animal molester who looks like a fucking hobo.

Dee Price

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i have a GD diagnosis
No tom you do not have gender dysphoria we have proven that tom. You used others stories of it to try to get a diagnosis of your own but your version of it is totally insane and out of your mind. at 35 minutes in Dr. Swaab did say there is some misgiagnosed with transsexualism that have schizophrenia and BI polar disorders tom THAT IS WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS.
Are you sure it’s GD?
No with tom it is an added symptom of his schizophrenia and bi polar disorders.