Is Trump any different from the establishment GOP? -

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He has so far:
  • Made it easier to immigrate to the US
  • Deported fewer illegals than Obama
  • Cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations
  • Not ended the War in Afghanistan
I could go on, but he doesn't seem any different from the Neo-Liberal/Neo-Conservative establishment of both parties. Why do people insist he's any different?

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Because Trump is a populist. Nobody has taken him seriously in politics until 2016, in which both the GOP & DNC felt apart. His brass personality follows suit for the boomer population; they don't care how he acts or speaks. If anything, it reminisces a time where his voter base's status has regained a voice, but can also play victim because of MSM and current society's perspective on conservatism.

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well, Trump is not a career politician who sat in congress for decades, that's a start. But his entire crew kind of is.

He did pretty well for himself and his family, pushing his daughter and autistic son in law onto the stage.

I'd like to see less of fed and more state rights, but realistically it won't happen as is Ron Paul in 2020. I still wish he runs because I lost all hope for this shitshow to end. Might as well trow away my vote in most dignified way possible.